Sex with my cousin sister

As it would interesting if we use some local language for the people of Tamil Nadu, I had used some words in Tamil to satisfy them and its translations in English for others. So here it starts : Every time I go to my grandpa’s home at Kerela during vacations I have the same hot thought that is my little cousin sister Uma. Although she is in Kerela she is good in Tamil & English too. Uma and I were of same age (I was the oldest by 2 months) and were unusually close for a brother and sister. We had shared about everything on this world. I do not know when I started seeing Uma as a young women rather than my sister.When we’d get together during our visits home, I’d find myself staring at her ass or licking my lips over her tits. I started fantasizing about her when I masturbated, and even got aroused just from being in the same room with my sister. It was all very confusing. But at the same time it was exciting. The orgas ms I had after jacking off with images of Uma on my bed were the best I ever had at that time. One day when we were alone and suddenly she asked Anna, PUNDAINA ENNA ARTHAM (what is the meaning for pussy). Me : Yen yethuku athai kekurai (why you are asking this) She : Illai, neriya peru antha varthaiya solli thittikaranga (lots of people are using this word while scolding others) Me : Ithu annan thangaiku solli kodukuru vaarthai illai (no, this words are not to be said by a brother to sister) She : Illai anna, naan vera yarukittayum ithai pathi keka mudiyathu, Innum niraia vaarthai pathi enakku theriyanum. Ookkarathu na enna, Sunni na enna (I cant ask it to anyone. I need meaning for some more words) I somehow tried to put off to other topic but her intention to know made clear that she wont leave me until she hear about it from me. I dont know whether she is purposefully asking me or not (as almost all school going girls itself knew each and every word about it). I later came to know that she had asked about it knowling. Me : Pundai na Ne onukku yengerunthu poveo, antha edathu peru thaan pundia. Naan yengerunthu onukku poveno, antha edathu peru thaan Sunni (PUNDAI means the place from where you piss and the place where I piss is known as Sunni). She felt somewhat uneasy with what I told but did not leave this subject. She : Ookkarathu na enna ANNA I told that it was not a subject that brother and sister can discuss and it should be discussed only by lovers and married couples. She asked if it was a bad thing. She asked me to give her a hint. I told her that to perform that work, they have to get naked. Her white chicks blushed red and told me sorry and ran away. But from the next day our conversations move to a new subject. Whenever we were alone, She kept asking me about sex relationship etc. She told me to teach her. Although I had intention to do so,I just pretended to disagree it, but she convinced me to do so. I told her ok. She was very happy. I showed her some X-rated cds next day. Anna, antha padathai parthathil irunthu enakku ennamo pol irukku, Nethu rathiri thookame varalai (she told me these movies are doing something to her and she cant sleep at night.) Anna, enakku athe mathiri seiyanum pola thonuthu, nama rendu perum seiyalama, vera yarayum enala namba mudiyala (She then told me directly that she needed sex badly and I was the only one who she can trust) I was very happy inside. but i told her that it was not a good idea. She was begging me for sex satisfaction. We planned to have it on that Sunday as the others are going to our farm house a few miles away. We are sure that they wont be back until evening and we decided not to go with them. But we had only the morning hours free as the servants will come home by 1.00 p.m. Meanwhile she had already known from me all the nasty words in Tamil related to sex. As planned we stayed on Sunday. I could no longer hold back I wanted her badly. I already made my mind up, and just wanted to kiss her. That’s exactly what I did. Her lips were moist and tender. She didn’t respond at first so I pulled her closer tighter to me, kissing her more passionately. Then she kissed me back more deeply, her hands scouring threw my hair. My hands instantly moved to her lovely curvy ass pushing her hips closer to mine as I began to taste her mouth and tongue. She could now feel my raging hard on pressing against her. Her sari had now fallen from her shoulder revealing her lovely more than a handful breasts screaming to get out of the tight fighting blouse she was wearing. I could clearly see the nipples since she was not wearing a bra. Our kissing grew deeper and she gasped mid breath from one of the longer kisses.Anna, konjam wait pannu (please wait brother) I didn’t let her finish what she was going to say I already knew what she meant. I broke the clasps on her blouse and greedily grabbed the beautiful melons I was presented with my tongue halfway down her throat. My hands began squeezing her buttock cheeks pushing her hips against my aching cock. Uma had put her hands down the front of my trousers. Letting out a little yelp of excitement as she caressed my cock. My hands slowly following the curves of her slender contoured waist down to the layers of sari folds. That I impatiently pulled at making the sari drop to the ground. Uma had loosened my belt and opened my zipper, her hands delving to my trousers yanking out my hard on. She caressed my cock sending shivers through my body. She enjoyed watching my reaction with every little motion of her fist wrapped hard around my member. My hands had quickly pulled down her petticoat alongwith her white lacy panties to reveal the most gorgeous sight I have ever seen. Her bush was well hairy no shaving here. My hand instantly parting her legs to find a moist love mound. I gently rubbed along her slit, backwards and forwards before finding her clit. She gently began to moan as I expertly rubbed her clit. Oh! Oh! She moaned and cried “Seekiram ulla udu anna” fuck me brother, fuck me soon! I gently parted her cunt lips rubbing the tip of my cock against her love mound and clit. She moaned deeply her breathing getting heavier and heavier. She was really wet now and I gently eased my cock inside her vagina feeling her tight resistance of her virginal hymen. Her hands fell to my bare ass grabbing them tightly. She looked at me deeply, breathing heavily. “Seekiram saiyu anna, she cried. (Do it soon brother) Her eyes were now wide with passion she hungrily kissed me staring deep into my opens eyes while helping me thrust into her deeply . Her noise of pain & pleasure resulted in her biting me everywhere she can as my cock was drawing blood from her wet pussy. The kissing became the most intense and passionate as I have ever had in my life. Her hips moving in gentle rythm to mine, her hands clasping tightly against my ass, my left hand clasping both her cheeks and pushing her into me, my other hand on her breasts massaging and feeling her melons. My thrusts varied from deep penetrating long ones to quick in outs, our moans being lessened by our lips. She had orgasmed two times each time I could feel her quiver all over under me she would then tense up her back arching before finally buckling, she’d scream in my ear before hungrily finding my mouth again. My thrusts now became more violent and I lifted her up of the ground pushing her harder against the wall. Her arms wrapped around my back our mouths still locked together our teeth rattling together with each thrust. Oh Umaaaa !!!!!!! My thrusting became harder deeper, she had bled heavily and she was now cumming heavily. My hands were pressed hard against her swaying tits my thumbs rubbing her nipples. She started to moan louder almost shouting into the middle of the night. Oh oh ohmmmmmmm louder and louder. My thrusting was much faster I could feel her vaginal muscles clasping my cock tightly, her wetness allowing me to penetrate her deeply. Her sounds of pleasure were getting louder with each thrust of my hips. I really began to pound her pussy and it has expanded each of my thrust. My balls tensed up and I shot my loads into her and she began to tense up as she climaxed at the same time. Her pussy overflowed with her cum and mine mixed with a little blood. I lay deep inside her for at least five minutes still kissing. Without getting up from bed she said “Romba nalla anubavichen Anna” (I enjoyed a lot brother) “Naan poi kuluchitu varen” (I go and take bath and come). I got up and pushed her shoulders so that her face was now in line with my cock. I guided my cock to her mouth, before she could say another word my member had parted her lips past her teeth deep into her mouth all she could do was mumble. She looked at me with an almost hurt expression. “Oombu Uma” , (suck it Uma) I said hornily. At first she tried to pull away but I gently guided her head back. Slowly I began to thrust in and out of her mouth. She looked deep into my eyes not looking away throughout the whole blowjob. She reluctantly at first began to suck lightly but gradually she began to suck harder with new-found enthusiasm her hands playfully jiggling my balls whilst my free hands squeezed her breasts. My balls began smacking her face as I began to thrust into her faster, her nose going deep into my pubic hair. My balls began to tense and I was going to shoot my load with horror she tried to pull away but I forced her head to take my member further into her throat. I began to squirt in her warm inviting mouth in stream jets, feeling my cum splashing at the back of her mouth almost making her choke from the cum. “Mulungu” (Swallow it), I demanded. Well there wasn’t much else she could do so she drank as much as she could the rest flooding out of the sides of her mouth falling onto the lower half of her body. “Ithuvum romba nalla thaan irukuthu” (That wasn’t so bad was it), she said as I pulled out of her.She obviously liked the taste because she licked me clean.”Oh shit”, she said as she saw the time. “We’ve been doing this for a long time and its almost 12.30.” We hurriedly dressed up left for our rooms. After that day we made love whenever we got time until I was there for my vacation.