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Hello friends, I am Sudeep Nagarkar telling you my sexy story on non veg I am a resident of Mumbai. Friends, I have been married for 5 years. I used to eat my wife Avantika very much all night long. But one night around 11 o’clock I was returning to my office that my car met with another car. I went into a coma for 1 year. And when I recovered, I could not fuck my wife that night. When I told this to my friends, they asked me to meet a sex counselor/specialist. Then I went to meet a famous doctor from Mumbai itself. Friends, his name was Dr Malini. As per your name, it was absolutely a commodity. She was very fair, she was still a virgin. When I went to his room, the ac was running. When I felt the cold cold air, I felt very peaceful. Doctor Malini used to charge 400 rupees for an hour. I entered with the form. “Say yes!….. what’s the problem???” The doctor said “I……ji… I” I wanted to say something but the voice was not clear. I could not speak my heart. “Sudeep ji….you should not be ashamed of me in any way. You must have heard the saying that nothing should be hidden from doctors and lawyers!….you can talk without any hesitation!” Dr. Malini spoke with great love. I told them the whole thing about how my accident happened and how my cock stopped standing. “Sudeep ji, you have to check your cock,” said Malini. I was very surprised to hear the word ‘cock’ from the mouth of a lady’s doctor. It felt good and weird too. “Come, …. take off your clothes but lie down on this bench” Malini said, I do not know why I was feeling very hesitant to take off my clothes. But somehow I took off my briefs and lay down straight on the bench. Doctor Malini put on a white rubber glove in his hand. I had very long bushes. I was cursing myself that why I didn’t make jhaats before coming here. Malini started touching my cock with her hand. He was wearing a deep neck salwar suit. She was very fair, so her milk was also very white, big and smooth. As soon as she bent down and started checking my cock by touching her hand, I felt that I should drop the doctor there and fuck him. But friends, how to fuck him? My cock could not even stand. For some time Malini kept waving her fingers in my jhat. Then he held my cock in his hand. “Something happened, did you feel anything????” Malini asked “No, ma’am!” I replied after that he touched my cock with the bullet below and started caressing with love. Then Malini started checking every vein of my cock. Complete investigation done. “Sudeep ji!! I have checked you up. In that car accident, your penis nerves have been damaged a lot. I am prescribing you these medicines. You eat it for 15 days. After that come and meet me and yes if your cock stands in the middle, then you must definitely fuck your wife. It will be beneficial that blood will start flowing in the veins of your penis and you will be completely fine.” Doctor Malini said friends, I came out of his clinic. But I don’t know why I was remembering Dr Malini’s milk. Oh God, it would have happened that this malini’s pussy would have got to be fucked. I was going home and was repeatedly asking for the same prayer from above. Friends, I took medicines for 10 days which worked. I asked for a lot of sexy story books. If I kept reading them all day, I would remember Malini again and again. Then on the 11th day my cock stood up. I called my wife. “Avantika!!…. Avantika!! Come fast!! Look, my cock stands up!” I said happily. My cool body wife Avantika ran away. “Sudeep!! Come on, you fuck me quickly…… after that you will have more blood in the veins of your cock and you will be fine from all sides!” Avantika said. After that he quickly took off his nightie. She lay down completely naked in front of me. But friends, as soon as I tried to put the cock in his cool bosom, once again my weapon dried up. This disappointed both of us a lot. But the medicine of Dr. Malini Malini was definitely beneficial. Because before this all the doctors whose medicines I had taken had looted my 20 20 thousand rupees but to no avail. Even once my cock did not stand up. But Dr. Malini was a very capable doctor. He had handled many such cases. I had benefited by taking his medicine and now my cock used to stand for 10 to 12 minutes every night. I went to him again after 15 days “Oh….hello Sudeep ji???…how are you?? Is there any benefit???” Malini said very lovingly “Yes doctor! The advantage is there. Where earlier my cock did not stand up at all, now every night I stand for 9, 10 minutes, but by the time my wife comes after completing her work, it is down again” I told my problem to Dr. Malini. “Sudeepji, you need real therapy. Your cock runs on the runway like a ship, but cannot take off. For this, you have to see a beautiful woman in a completely naked state, after that your cock will get a kick and she will be completely fine” Dr. Malini said “Madam, I have not seen any girl more beautiful than you. You yourself show me your naked form!!” I said after that Malini was completely stunned after hearing her praise. After that she started taking off her clothes. He first removed his doctor’s white coat. Then also removed his salwar suit. After some time she also removed her bra and panties and started making me appear completely naked. Friends, a miracle happened that day. My cock stood for full 20 minutes. “Okay Sudeep ji!!….just come and see my naked form everyday like this!! In a few days your cock will start standing up comfortably!” Doctor Malini. The next day as soon as she got naked, I caught her. “Ma’am, if you give me a drink of your beautiful white and smooth mama, I will surely be fine. Then I will be able to fuck my wife every night!” I said “Sudeep ji!! Look, I don’t usually do this kind of work, but let me do it to fix you. Because it is the duty of a doctor to cure his patient in any way,” Malini said, then she made me sit on her long bench, on which she used to check up her patients. I sat down next to him. I took Doctor Malini’s hand in my hand and started kissing. In no time I removed his white coat which doctors always wear. Malini was wearing a salwar suit inside. His age would be some 24 years. She was a very beautiful girl. At such a young age, she became a doctor by doing mbbs. I sat hanging my legs on that long bench. I put my hand on his shoulder and pulled him towards me, then I started giving pappi on his fair blond cheeks. “Sudeep ji!! You wanted to press and drink my milk, then why are you drinking my lips??? Malini asked, “Doctor, till I do not drink your lips, I will not want to drink your milk!!” I said that after that she agreed and I started drinking my lips like Dr. Malini’s cool pink petals with pleasure. Slowly she too was surrendering. My hands were starting to go on his cool boobs. She was not telling me anything. I was pressing his milk over his white colored salwar and enjoying. We both were still kissing each other. After some time Dr. Malini herself became very hot. And he himself took off his salwar with his hands up, then opened the bra too. Wow!! I kept teasing them. After that I made him lie down on the bench and I put both my hands and ten fingers on the milk. Uff….what was delicious milk brother. Paradise was enjoyed. Malini will have more boobs than 36 inches. I was merrily holding the boobs in my hand like someone would hold a ripe mango. I started pressing the milk vigorously in his hands. My cock started catching the antenna at the same time. And stood up. “The doctor is standing up!!…. I am standing up!!” I cried with joy. After that I masti started drinking the milk of Dr. Malini. What a cool milk guys. How big, how big, it seemed that his chest should not burst. I had become very sensual and was drinking and suppressing his milk with pleasure. Malini’s nipples were very attractive to me. She was not a girl but a ball of fire, I thought she was a bomb or explosive. I didn’t know that a doctor’s milk could be so soft, firm and soft. Malini’s dark black nipples were very appealing to the very soul. I was sucking on his nipples by taking it in my mouth. Friends, I was running my mouth so fast that there was a sound of chu chu…, as if someone was drinking thirsty water. Doctor Malini was very beautiful according to her name. I was drinking his milk with pleasure. “Ah Sudeep ji…..suck it!! And suck!!…… Malini said, I got more excited and started drinking the milk of that doctor by pressing it with my hands. The one above had made it very leisurely. That girl was not a marble idol. For a long time, I kept pressing the milk of Doctor Malini with my hand and my cock was completely erect. I sucked their sweet mangoes in my mouth for a total of 35 minutes. I saw that on Malini’s salwar, the salwar was soaked on top of her pussy. I slowly put my hand on Malini’s pussy. “Sudeep ji!!… you only talked about drinking my milk, then why are you putting fingers on my pussy??” Dr. Malini said, “Doctor sir!!… cock has stood by the law, but it should not go down in a while. So please give me your pussy. So that I can check whether I will be able to fuck my woman or not !! I said “No Sudeep ji!! I am not a prostitute or a scoundrel!!” Malini said “Doctor sir!! This is not a hoax. It is the duty of every doctor to cure his patient completely, not half-finished!!” I argued him. My words had a great impact on Dr. Malini. “Ok Sudeep ji, till date I have not given a pussy to cure any patient, but your case is a little different, so I will give you pussy, you can find out whether your cock is cured by choking me or not. It happened,” said Malini. After that he didn’t stop me. After sometime I took off her salwar and panty. A rabbit was made from the lattice on his pussy. I started drinking Malini’s pussy. Then I kept playing with his white thighs. Then I opened both his legs and started drinking the pussy with pleasure. After some time I put my cock and the doctor started eating Malini’s rich pussy. Friends, today I was very happy. Because after a year and a half I was successful in hitting someone’s pussy. Everything changed after that car accident. But it may be good for Dr. Malini, he wrote me such good medicines that I was completely cured and I was finding out by choking the doctor. Doctor Malini was eating my cock with pleasure. His eyes were closed and I was kissing his pussy Dhamma Dhamma. Due to my vigorous pounding, its huge protruding milk was quickly tossed upwards. I was probably a very lucky patient from whom a lady doctor might have been kissing for the first time. Otherwise today’s doctors are just hungry for money. Do not give much time to the patients. But Dr. Malini was so good that she was chugging with pleasure. After sometime I started pelting them loudly. The sweet sound of pat pat started coming from his pussy. I was afraid again and again that my cock might not get out in 2 minutes, but nothing like this happened due to the action of the above. When I looked at the clock, it was 15 minutes and I was not out. I was very happy. Meanwhile, maybe Dr. Malini was having a lot of fun, because my cock was 8″ long. She took me in her arms and started loving me like her boyfriend. And started kissing. I also supported him a lot and while drinking his lips, I started hitting him very quickly. There was so much effort in Malini’s form and body that I do not know which magic she had cast on me that day. I choked them non stop for 1 hour, after that it fell. After fucking the doctor, we both put on our own clothes. I lifted his hand and applied it to my lips. “Thank you!! Doctor sir!! I fucked you full 1 hour today. Thank you, you taught my cock to stand up!!” I said a few days after coming home he called me and talked about meeting me at his clinic. Friends, when I went in the evening, Dr. Malini again asked me to kiss me. Now she has become my commodity. Now I put both my wife and Dr. Malini. Now my cock is completely cured and I play everyone’s pussy for 2 to 2 hours. Friends, you are reading this story on Non Veg

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