sex with stranger in rajdhani express

Dear Friend this is my true story i want to disclose with you about my mummy fucking story. And this time it is about how I set up my mummy with a stranger on the Rajdhani Express in which we were traveling. My Papa lived USA and used to visit us once in a year. My mummy was sex starved although she did not hang out with other men. We used to stay in Delhi and my relatives were in Pune. The only person we knew in Delhi was my mummy’s best friend. She was about the same age as mummy and used to stay in the next block. My mummy used to hang out with her and they used to go to places together. Even her husband lived abroad. But unlike my mummy, she was not a very homely lady. In fact since she was childless and lived alone there, she used to fulfill her sexual desires with other men. I had once overheard her telling mummy that how she had gone to bed the previous night with a young guy. One day I had summer holiday and my mummy had gone with aunty. I thought of using fb for a while and when I opened, I saw that mummy had not logged out. I read some messages and they were the usual helloz how are you stuff. But when I opened her convo with aunty, I was a bit surprised. My aunt was telling my mummy to have some fun and have sex with some young men like she had been doing. My mummy said she was scared what if I find out and all. She had told that if I get a chance when nobody will find out, I would definitely have sex with a nice guy. At that time, I felt angry at my mummy. But when I thought about it from her point of view, it seemed fine. So that day when she returned, I told her that I had read her messages. She was angry at first but then I told her if you feel I will find out and that will cause problems, don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone. She became happy and thanked me. But now the problem was whom to have sex with. We still had to decide. Two days later, we got a call from our relative that their daughter was getting married next week. They invited us to attend the wedding. That night, I booked Rajdhani Express tickets to Delhi. The day arrived and we set off. My mummy still hasn’t had sex and I thought probably we could do it in Delhi. The Rajdhani Express we boarded was a special express and it was practically empty. Two hours later, the next station arrived and a young man, about thirty years of age got in. He was not very friendly at first. The tc came and checked our tickets. We then had dinner and even the other guy had his. When he finished, he started getting hiccups. Mummy offered him water and then he thanked her. A thought crept in my mind. The journey was 2 days long and what if I set my mummy up with this guy. He seemed nice. Mummy went off to sleep and I started talking to him. He was working in an MNC and was going to Delhi to his parents’ house. He then asked about us and I told that we were going for a marriage. We then had a casual convo and then we went near the door for some fresh air. He took out a cigarette and offered me one. I declined. He then took out a bottle of vodka from his jacket. He offered me some again and I accepted. Soon enough we were in high spirits. It was quite late and we decided that we should go to sleep. I took the middle berth while he slept on the lower one opposite mummy. I could see that he was staring at her. He then opened the windows as it was stuffy. As soon as he opened, a gush of wind blew of my mummy’s pallu exposing her blouse and cleavage. His mouth went wide open. He went to sleep but did not sleep. Instead he turned and kept staring at her. After a while he noticed that I was watching. So he turned and fell asleep. The next morning when we woke up, he was still asleep. I told mummy about him staring and I think that he would be perfect for her. She too agreed. So I devised a plan. I took him out once he was awake. Then I told mummy to wear a chudidar. While we came back she was wearing a low neck top. He was staring continuously. She then announced that she had to change her dress again as she felt uncomfortable. He offered to go out. But mummy told him to stay and turn around. She turned the other side and completely stripped; wearing only a small towel that barely covered her assets. He was slyly looking at her. She now reached forward to get the bag from the top berth and her beautiful ass was completely visible. He was totally hard now. I told him to fuck her. He looked totally shocked. I said don’t worry. She’s all yours. Fuck her. He went and grabbed her ass. My mummy fell on top of him. He laid her on the seat and removed her towel. And then he started kissing her. She was nervous but soon responded to his kisses, kissing him even harder. He then grabbed her boobs and pinched her brown nipples. Two fingers were simultaneously inserted inside her clean pussy. He sucked on her boobs while fingering her at the same time. He then inserted two more fingers and she was crying in pain. He did justice to both the boobs by completely sucking them dry. She had an orgasm and he began to lick her pussy. He then slid his tongue inside her hole and began tongue fucking her. She was moaning and I was enjoying the whole show. She was then hungry for his cock and ran her hands all over his pant. She pulled out her tool and started stroking it. Then she took it in her mouth and started blowing him. He went as deep as he could and she was gagging and trying hard to breathe. After a nice blowjob, he dropped his cum inside her mouth and over her titties. Then licking her pussy again, he stroked her vagina with his dick and slowly entered it. He went in fully deep, very slowly and brought it out fully. He kept doing it that way until mummy went completely wild. He then increased his pace and began pounding her harder. The whole cabin was filled with the sound of her moaning and his balls hitting her inner thighs. He then took her and laid her on his lap and fucked her. Then, I told them that a station was approaching. They dressed up as minimally as possible. Then I and the guy went to buy some snacks. We had bought chips and sauce and soft drinks. As the Rajdhani Express left the station, they again stripped and this time, they wanted more fun. So he poured some ketchup on her pussy and began licking it completely. Then, they again had sex for two more hours and then collapsed into each other’s arms and fell asleep on the floor. In the late afternoon, they woke up and again had sex. This time again, he wanted even more fun. So he took out some oil from his bag, lubricated his dick and slowly inserted it in her ass. She was crying since it was tight. They kept fucking till the next major station where we bought some dinner. After dinner, they again had an overnight fuck till morning. I felt asleep midway. When I woke up, they were in the 69 position. Our destination was approaching. So they had a final round of sex and we began packing back the things. After packing, they again continued some oral sex. He didn’t want to leave mummy. So she pulled up her saree and bent down a bit. He fucked her from behind till the station is in sight. Then I gave him my contact number since my mummy insisted. As we reached, they kissed passionately and we finally left for our relative’s home.

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