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Hello Literotica readers, I am Sameer 32 years old married leading a good life. Sex was normal between us and we enjoy it. I always desired for at least one woman in my life other than my wife for sexual desire. My eyes always look for a woman with good assets. I always fantasize woman sucking their nipples, licking their navel playing with their pussy and screwing them hard.

I am considerably good looking with a good sense of humor and I live in Mumbai. I always had fantasies of fucking woman who are married. I got married 2 years back and I have a good sex life initially but as the time passed as both of us are working we couldn’t find quality time for sex. On the contrary, I remain as usual, always looking for and fantasizing about woman. What is written here is a true incident of what happened 6 years back that time I am only 26 years.

Continuing with what happened, I came home for lunch one afternoon to have lunch. I have the habit of coming home for lunch as my office is walk able distance from home. Since it’s a bit hot I changed over removed all my formals and just wrapped a towel around my waist. I heated the lunch and served myself and settled on the dining table to eat. Half way through the meal the calling bell rang.

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Wondering who it might possibly be went and opened the door. I was surprised to see that the neighbor house wife standing out asking for a bit of curd. Since I was eating lunch I told her to wait inside while I finish my lunch. She was ready to wait and came inside. I was feeling a bit odd because I was only in my towel without even my unders. I resumed my eating and she came over to see what was for lunch.

I was eating just dhal and some veg with rice. She said that she had made some chicken and went to get it for me. Let me tell you it tasted awesome. I was in an instant praising her cooking skills and all that. Now even happier that I liked it she tried to put more of chicken curry on my plate to which I objected. In this game of saying, no and she saying yes. The bowel slipped off her hand with the remaining chicken on the floor. I was shocked and tell her sorry for the mess.

She immediately tired to scoop all the remains on the floor into the bowl. I tried to stop her saying that I will do that part and in this my towel gave way. Imagine the scene there I was totally naked in front of her. She looked at me with wide open eyes to see me naked. In a second seeing myself exposed and having the knowledge that she was looking at me made my penis which is around 8 inches, hard as a rock and it swell to 90 degrees.

Looking at this she was looking with mouth half open. It took some time for both of us to realize the situation and suddenly I picked up the towel and wrapped up myself. She also looked away smiling away. I left the dining table to keep the plate inside the kitchen and bring some water the wipe the floor clean. All this while I had my erect penis making a tent in my towel. Since she had seen my tool naked I thought there is no point in clothing myself further.

After all this I gave her the curd she had asked for and before she left looked at my tent and said that my wife was lucky. I immediately understood what she meant and said if my wife is lucky then she was even luckier to see me naked apart from her husband. It’s only we men like me who are unlucky. Hearing that she asked why did I say like that? I explained that she got to see me totally Naked even my penis but I don’t get a chance, which is not fair.

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She laughed at it and said “Do u mean that you want to see me naked?” I was excited at the question and said since you have seen me naked I would be even and fair on my part to see you also naked. She laughed at it and went off to her home. I was a bit scared whether she will tell her husband or wife about what I told her. After she went I closed the door and was about to change back to my formals when the door bell rang again.

I was feeling funny because never had someone visited our home in the afternoons. I went to open the door wearing my towel itself. When I opened the door I was stunned to see her again holding a plate of sweets, but this time she changed herself from sari to a nighty. She was looking at me in a very naughty manner and came inside the house and said laughing who said you are not lucky.

I was surprised and excited. As a result my penis rose again this time throbbing under the material of the towel and I had a tough time controlling my erection! Let me describe her to you, around 28 years old, figure 36-28-38 and blessed with great assets with a average height 5’4″. She looked into my eyes, not showing any facial changes she shifted her glance to my towel which was making a tent cause of my erection.

Man, I thought something was sure to happen. In this excitement I just went and hugged her. I just touched the creak between her two beautiful ass cheeks with my fingers and pressed it in between them, my! I could feel the warmth of her body as she wasn’t wearing any innerwear just like me. It seemed she had come to my house prepared and probably if I hadn’t responded she would have seduced me.

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Feeling the heat of my dick, shivered and dropped the plate containing sweets. Then I put my hands on her breasts and squeezed them for a moment. I thought if I had got all this wrong then I’m sure to get a good slap for myself. Now both of us were standing face to face with my body pushing hers against the table. She held my face with both her hands started caressing. She then planted a kiss on my lips.

I then grabbed her and pulled her towards me and started kissing all over her face. She too responded but more aggressively. She too started kissing every inch of my face and jumped over me. I explored her mouth with my tongue to which she responded sucking my tongue. The breasts were larger than I assumed them to be. I squeezed them slowly at the beginning and harder then onwards.

I then removed her nighty, moved back and started staring at the beautiful body I would be enjoying for the next few hours. Her beautiful feminine body was inviting – beautiful face which had gone red due to my kissing and partly due to blushing; smooth fair skin drop around the beautiful curvaceous body; Fat distributed at the right places; ripened boobs ready to pop out of her bra; oval navel with a trail below pointing towards the love canal covered in red panties.

No words were spoken. I pulled her to me and soon we were kissing as if there was no tomorrow. I then unhooked her bra and oh my, beautiful rounded fair boobs with pink areola surrounding the brown erect nipples. I squeezed both of them hard and started licking around her nipples sometimes biting them softly. I tried to take them wholly inside my mouth but never successful.

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As my mouth was trying it my hand was engaging the other boob. She was at the hilt of pleasure with only sounds of pleasure from her mouth mmm aaah yess and so on. I then started kissing her legs taking care not to involve her crotch. By then, her panties were wet with the juice from her vagina. My penis was poking her and she caught hold of it tightly and started stroking it gently.

I removed her panty slowly and continued kissing and licking around her crotch. She was so pissed off by my teasing that she started rubbing her clitoris by herself. I forcefully removed her hands and held them and continued with the teasing. I continued my teasing for some more time and then suddenly caught hold of her vagina in between my teeth and started sucking it with this all her body went into a violent shredder she led out a violent cry.

I started tongue fucking her deeply. In seconds, she started cumming, bowing her back pushing her vagina against my face with her vaginal juice dripping out. She was breathing heavily and her body was so hot covered with sweat. She whistled her appreciation of my dick as she lovingly caught hold of it again. This is going to make me so happy today”, she purred. She pushed me back to the bed and then settled down between my legs to give me the best blow job ever.

She was talented. Her mouth opened in a perfect O to take my cock in. Her tongue seemed to have a life of its own. She licked my cock from top to bottom and then my balls. Her hands were always busy holding my balls and my cock and playing with them. I can hold out for a long time, but this creature was driving me nuts. I caught hold of her lovely long black hair and began to use her mouth as a cunt.

As I felt my juices boiling I pulled myself out of her mouth. She moaned in protest. “No get it back, I want to taste your sperm”. In another 2 seconds I came right into her mouth. The best part is she swallowed the whole thing in without any hesitation. I realized that this woman was actually fantastic. I got up and stared at the beauty I had enjoyed. I kissed both her closed eyes, then her lips for a long time; bit her cheeks and lips softly; licked her ears.

I then licked and kissed her neck and moved to her breasts – I licked the nipples one by one and held them occasionally in between my teeth. Knowing that she needs some release fast, I invited her to come on top so that she could regulate the secession at her pleasure. She jumped at the opportunity and came up. She caught hold of my dick with one hand as she aimed it into her dripping pussy.

She slowly lowered herself on it with a loud moan and a sigh. She kept still for a while adjusting to the size and the fit, while I adjusted to her incredible warmth and unused tightness. Her juices were flowing freely and making me all wet too. Ohh! She moaned as she started her ride to her peak. I grabbed hold of her beautiful breasts and started playing with her nipples while giving her tits a great massage.

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She was rocking her hips hard as she tried to give max possible pressure and friction to her clit. Her eyes were tightly closed as she rocked her hips hard and fast. She was clearly on her own trip. I was just hanging on for dear life as I was getting the fuck of my life. I too joined in the fun by fucking her from below. I left her gorgeous boobs to bounce in all their glory and grabbed hold of her waist as I pushed up into her fantastic warmth.

Haaaa! Harder baby”, she squealed. I held her tight and continued my pumping as we came simultaneously. I filled her pussy with all my cum. We were both breathing as if we had just run a mile. She stuck to my chest satisfied, after what seemed like heavenly eternity of heavy breathing while we regained our breath; she pulled her head up to smile and kissed me with all the love that she could muster. She hugged each other for some time then we dressed up and I left for office.