Sister ki chudai nanga karke

Now you both have become husband and wife. Daughter, touch your husband’s feet. Pandit ji said, Asura, my wife Neelu bowed down and touched my feet. Now put the garland on the bride, son.” I have put the garland around the neck of the husband.” Neelu garlanded my neck D. We both came out of the temple after about 30 minutes as husband and wife. Sitting in a taxi, we reached the hotel, where our room was decorated. I’ll tell you the truth. Neelu has become my wife, but in reality she is my sister. Both our parents passed away when I was 10 years old and Neelu was 8 years old. Our aunt Neetu brought us up. Uncle Kishori Lal Erk used to go to the clothes shop and used to return late at night. Slowly we both started getting young. Neelu turned out to be very beautiful. His body became full and bulges started appearing on his chest. Her buttocks emerged and the beauty of youth started blooming. Once when I was passing near the bathroom, I heard the sound of water falling. Neelu was singing a song while taking a bath. A scheme came in my rascal mind, I thought why not hide and see my sister taking a bath? There was a crack in the bathroom door. Maine aankh uyuses par tika D. My sister’s fair body was completely naked and she was taking a bath. Her hands were repeatedly rubbing her masturbating nipples. Her pussy was swollen and tiny little hairs had started growing on her lips. When she put her hand on her pussy, I was stunned because she inserted her finger in her pussy and started taking it out. Neelu had closed her eyes and she was releasing her pussy with her finger. I knew about Chudai, of course I didn’t leave Kissi. Seeing my real sister, I was filled with joy and my penis got erect. Strange sounds were coming from his mouth. She was muttering, “H…Mahesh, hurry up….Pelo me….Hai maar gayi bhaiyya….Quench your sister’s thirst, leave me my brother….Cee…Ooo” I was shocked. My sister was leaving her pussy remembering me only. My hand took my cock out of my pajamas and started caressing Uyesse. If my sister wants to get rid of me, then what is the point? I stood at the door and started giggling. Suddenly the window behind opened. When I looked in mood, my aunt was watching Muqje. Bua was smiling and there was happiness in her eyes. I panicked and ran outside. When I returned home in the evening, Neelu had gone to Tution. Bua called me to her room. Mahesh, sister-in-law, what were you doing? He was seeing his sister naked. How long has all this been going on? So does that mean youth is catching up with you, motherfucker? Your weapon is very cruel, the brother-in-law who was shaking after seeing his sister. Will not see his aunt naked? Aunt is still young. Your uncle doesn’t do anything, you only do something and show it to your aunt. How do you like me, man?” “I peeped in the bathroom for the first time today, aunt. Please forgive me. I will never do it willingly, Bua Sach” I apologized. Looked at aunt carefully. She was smiling.” If you don’t do it with your own eyes, then why will you do it from behind, motherfucker? Aunt herself wants to get rid of you. My brother, your father had a very dumb cock, let’s see how yours is. You leave Neelu. She is still alive. When she will be young, I myself will hand you over to her. Till then you bring peace to aunt, son” I saw that aunt’s nipple was yearning to take it out of her white blouse. Aunt’s complexion was dark but her body was very sexy. She was quite slim because of not being saved. Her body was clean except for her nipples and ass. Thin waist, slim belly and everything was enough to make the cock erect. I thought, why not work with aunt. Who can teach to fuck more peacefully? I also smiled and moved towards aunt. Aunt first promise that you will make Neelu mine. I will spend whole life with love with both of you. I swear!” As soon as I said this, I put my hand on my aunt’s shoulder and she pulled me towards her. Aunt’s big nipple kept sinking in my chest. Bua grabbed me by my butt. And my hands tightened on aunt’s waist. We were in a deep embrace and my cock started to want to come out of Pant’s quad. I bowed down on Bua’s face and started kissing her. Bua’s lips were very soft and juicy. I started kissing her and she started kissing me. He put his tongue in my mouth which I started sucking. Our mouths were meeting each other and the phase of lust was gaining momentum. Due to lust, now my hands went inside aunt’s blouse and started groping her cool nipples. A tremendous heat was emanating from my aunt’s body and I felt intoxicated as soon as I touched aunt’s nipple. Bua pushed one of her thighs between my legs and my cock started rubbing on hers,” Oh Meshi….Kitna Mota Hai Tera Lund….Maine Essa Lund Aaj Tak Nahi Dekha..Tera Fufa To Sala Kuch Bhi Nahi I am in competition with you…Today I will present you everything on your uncle’s bed, my Meshi…From today onwards Neetu is yours…My friend, Rub your aunt… Rub your father and leave your father’s sister” the aunt kept saying. And sliding her hand down, holding my cock, started fisting. Till then I opened aunt’s blouse and started pressing her nipples in finger and thumb. The knob on Bua’s nipple had become very big. Aunt, does he suck your nipples? Neelu’s is still small….Your nipple is very big and tight. Auntie, I can suck the nipple, just once!” Bua said in a loud voice, “Meshi, at least call me Neetu in private, not aunt. Sister-in-law, you want to leave me and also say you are aunt. You call me friend, you call me randi but don’t call me aunt, okay? Chudai ka fun nahi aayega varna” I also unhooked the hook of Bua’s bra and exposed her nipples. What was Neetu’s choice? ‘Neetu, your friend Mahesh now wants to suck your nipple, suck it? Your permission is needed” Neetu said in fun,” this is what happened, isn’t it? Suck my friend, suck to your heart’s content. Your uncle is neither a sucker himself nor has he made me a mother so that there is no one left who can drink my milk. Sister, take my nipple in your mouth. Your uncle neither lets me suck cock nor does he suck me. Now only you can make my dream come true, my Meshi!” I tongued Bua’s nipple, rubbed my lips and took the nipple in my mouth, a sensual sob came out from Bua’s mouth, “Ahh….meshiiiee….oh…..mmmmmm…suck the motherfucker….aiya…teri,aa That pussy….suck my nipple…” I got intoxicated listening to aunt’s sobs. I didn’t even touch someone’s nipple in my youth. Now I was tasting the taste of my aunt’s mouthful. Bua also got angry and started taking out my cock. He untied my pant belt and grabbed my cock. The bonds of juice were burning from the cock and the cock became hard like iron. Bua was pulling my cock towards her pussy and at the same time her hands were playing with my load. Neetu’s whole life was busy. I started answering all from her body. The front part of the petticoat was probably drenched with pussy juice as there was a mark of wetness on the cloth. I put one hand on my aunt’s pussy,” Osh, why does he pierce his aunt’s pussy….my pussy is on fire, my friend, my pussy asks for cock, not hands….your cock is also inside it. Wants to enter… Fulfill the desire of my pussy son.. There is no greater virtue than quenching the thirst of cock of a Chudasi woman… Now don’t delay son, leave your party to Neetu” Quickly my aunt’s petticoat Started getting down, under which Neetu was not wearing panti. Bua’s shaved pussy was swollen and as soon as my hand touched it, it started fluttering. I felt that my hand was touching the flame of some kind of fire. A current ran through my body. Bua’s clit had become tight and her pussy slits had become pink with pleasure. My hand filled the hot pussy meat in my fist and pressed it. My hand got wet with pussy juice and aunt started sobbing. My lips were sucking aunt’s nipples and hand was massaging her cool pussy. The storm of lust was in full force. I picked up Neetu and took her to the bed. Aunt lay down with her legs spread. His eyes were closed. Someone ask me how cool is the sight of a naked woman. Neetu’s black hair had opened.” Neetu, you might have celebrated your honeymoon on this bed. Now I am adopting you on this very bed. I said Suhgrat! Ha, uyes with the sister-in-law teenager? His cock had shot the pichkari on top of my saree, Raja. Your uncle is just about to die covered in tin. By the time my pussy comes to know that the fuck is about to happen, your uncle goes to sleep even after shaking the mother-fucker. Today I have high hopes from my nephew. After Kamal, I have seen your cock very cool” I was surprised, Kamal is my father’s friend who lives in Delhi and is very rich,” Han son, I will get rid of Kamal. Kaafi doon hai uske lund mein. I meet him by making an excuse, now what is the curtain from you. You already know that his wife has been killed, now he considers me as his wife. Now you also take care of me, Mahesh.” My ton was burnt. So aunt, sister-in-law, is Kamal uncle’s mistress? Well then, now she will be my mistress too. Aunt, which easy do you like? If you do not celebrate honeymoon with uncle, then I will fulfill your wish, my Neetu Rani, will you take me down or will you ride Mahesh’s cock? Don’t know how many cocks you have eaten, now you must have tried all the easy ones. I respect to make you a mare. But you have to make the final decision” I said sarcastically, but Neetu was so overwhelmed with lust that she said,” Mahesh son, make me a mare or a kutti, but Neetu fill kutti’s pussy with your cock, and Can’t stay.” I reversed Neetu and she became a mare in front of me. I started looking at her cool ass while masalaing my cock. Now get on the mare too, Meshi…. What is he thinking? Hurry up motherfucker. For a long time I have been longing for a cool cock, give it a shot in my pussy…..haieeee….leave me too!” Holding Neetu’s ass, I put a piece of cock on the mouth of the ass from the crack of the ass and hit her hard. Neetu was an experienced woman. Due to the wet pussy, my cock got entered in the aunt’s pussy while rattling in one go. Neetu’s sister-in-law’s pussy was so tight that the pussy took my cock in a grift. My cock had now taken a stormy form. Ah Neetu…you have got rid of your sister-in-law but your pussy is still like a virgin girl….how your pussy has held my cock! I have not got such pleasure even in my dreams till date, Neetu, fuck is just heaven!” Neetu was gasping with excitement. Her nipple was swinging down. I separated my hands from her nipples and holding her nipples started rubbing them, started pressing them. Neetu was also not in herself. “Hi Mahesh, how have you fed your Neetu….Your bachelor cock is very dumb….Kamal is also not that dumb….Leave me, give me muscle….How cool is your cock…My eyes are on you Why didn’t you read earlier….leave me Meshi!” I started increasing my speed. My cock had become piston. When my cock entered in aunt’s pussy, there was a sound of fuch fuch. Juice was raining from the pussy. Neetu’s hair had spread on her back. Suddenly I didn’t know what happened, I grabbed his arms and pulled him and his neck had to turn back. I started driving his forces using the bridle of a mare. Now the fuck started running at a monstrous speed. Neetu was pushing her cunt on my cock. ” Oh Meshi…Osh bastard….Your cock is hitting my filly motherfucker…Tear my pussy….Bana de isska bhosda…Bhanchod chhod le apni randi bua ko, Neetu ko pele my son…Oh…..Mmmmmm…. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo crazy? With one hand I was pulling Neetu’s hair, with the other I was pressing her nipples and bending down was kissing her back. My aunt’s body had become a feast of naked flesh for me. Neetu took her one hand down and placed it on my testicles from between her thighs and mashed them. The fire rising from my testicles rose towards my cock in the form of my penis juice. Aaaaa….bua….behenchod… cock is small….your pussy has made me a slave…I wish my Neetu could be mine…oh my cock is gone…I am shaking whoon” I now hold my hand Rubbed with aunt’s clit. Aunt was in agony. She started shaking her head like a madman and tried to get rid of him by chasing her ass. She too was about to fall. My cock started releasing its spray gun. On the other hand, the aunt also started spraying pussy juice, “Haaaaan son, just….Neetu also went…Putt jhariiye…let it go…let my water out….oosh son, leave me….leave my pussy after rubbing it….mmmmmm….I went !” When my cock came out of aunt’s pussy, some juice fell on her pussy and some on the sheet passing through her thighs. Neetu fell flat on the bed and I piled on her bare body. Kissing her ear with my lips, I said, “Neetu, do you remember the thing that made Neelu mine? I want to leave Neelu like you and make her mine forever….like my wife.” The aunt hid her face in the pillow and said, “Okay, my king, since you have left your father’s sister, you also have your own. Leave it I promise that I will make you Neelu’s husband, but before my uncle comes, will there be one more trample?”

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