Younger brother gave the happiness of husband and also of becoming a mother.

Greetings to all of you my dear friends, I often come to nonveg and read stories written by people, and I feel lust is such a fire that can burn anyone, I have also read this fire. Scorched for a long time in the heat and later got burnt, you might wonder how a sister or a brother can have sex with his sister, is it true, is it not fake, is it? There can be some truth in this, so I say, yes it can be, there is 100% truth in this, today I am presenting that truth in front of you, how my younger brother gave happiness of husband and also of becoming a mother. . My name is Neetu Dudeja, I live in Bathinda, Punjab, I am married to a INRI, I graduated from Punjab University and then I got married, my husband stayed in India for 3 months but I never He didn’t give me as much sex as I needed, I was always thirsty, my husband’s cock was small and crooked, he could never satisfy me, and he left for Canada, leaving me in agony, I Even if I do, I still cannot go with them because I could not get my visa, days passed by, all my friends got married and all had children, but I was still lying like a desolate field, sometimes I used to think I wanted to get married for the second time, but I was afraid of the society, I could not even do that, then a fateful day came and my parents died in an accident, and the next month I heard that my husband was also married. Got married to a fair girl, what would I do now, then we both brothers and sisters came to Delhi, I started working as a receptionist in a company and my brother started graduation, we both Started living in a rented house, we had seen a lot of ups and downs in our relationship, I could not get the happiness of life from both my parents and my husband, now only trust was on my younger brother, we both have a beautiful life started walking One day I saw my brother masturbating, he was holding his cock in the bathroom and shaking it vigorously and was saying ah sister ah sister I understood that he is thinking about me and I am Thought my brother was so upset and I was also yearning for sex, then I made a plan to fuck my brother, often we both used to sleep separately at night, but that day I made my sister afraid, I said to my brother That night your brother-in-law had come in my dream and was pulling me. I wore transparent clothes at night, I knew that brother is farting thinking about me these days, I could not sleep at night because she was pretending to sleep by closing her eyes, maybe brother is just pretending. Then I felt that my brother touches my boobs again and again and separates, then he starts pressing slowly, I wanted to fuck him, but with what mouth, I put on my nightie Opened the button, now brother, not from the top of the clothes but he was touching my boob very well, slowly he started pressing my nipple with both fingers, I started getting sensual. I turned towards my brother, I put my right leg on him, the cock was near my thigh, slowly his cock got bigger, I felt his cock getting bigger, I thought let’s see what will happen, and his cock Then I lowered his pajama and started shaking his cock, my brother B turned towards me and started sucking my lips, now we both did without saying anything to each other, I took off all his clothes. She took off my clothes, I put my brother on top of me and put his cock on top of my ass and pressed her ass. Throughout the night, both of us had sex three to four times without saying anything to each other. In the morning both of us were not talking to each other, both were bowing their heads in shame, I thought let me do the talking, as soon as I went to the room, I saw my brother is running the internet, then he said sit sister, I told him Sitting nearby she opened the website and showed me a story on non-veg story dot com in which there was a story that a brother and sister are living like husband and wife and they have only one child and are enjoying life happily, I could not believe it when I read the story. , we both thought that no one knows us both in Delhi, what difference would it make if we both live here like husband and wife, and from that day we both started living like husband and wife, we both had sex for the first time as planned. I was sitting dressed like a bride, my brother came wearing a kurta pajama, he lifted my veil, and said, from today you are not sister, you are my wife, from today we both will be like husband and wife, today we both are happy Yes, today I am also going to become the mother of my younger brother’s child.

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