Story of Best Sex I Ever Had

 My name is Dexter and this is the first time that I am writing a story based on my real-life experiences. Also, thank you to the authors here, I enjoy reading stories here in quarantine. It’s better than watching porn. A little about myself:I’m 31 years old, 5 feet 9 inches tall with an athletic built. My tool is 6 inches long and 5 inches in girth (women love that as it’s not very small and not very big either).I’ve fair skin and black hair. No hair on my body or thighs, except a few on my legs. I like to keep my private parts clean and hygienic, that’s what girls love, little hard work that men do and attention to details.I love women of any shape, size, color and I admire them. I’m a professional portrait and boudoir photographer. I love capturing women on my lens. During all these years, I made love to a lot of women.They love the way I make love to them, as they say, it’s passionate and romantic and not just another porn movie where you fuck each other for hours.Lovemaking is about exploring each other’s bodies and creating that tension. Well enough about me. Let’s get to the erotic story. I guess this is what you’re here for.For this story, I want to take you back to 2010, when I was just a young man, energetic, hardworking, and hungry for money and love. I used to work in a call center in Kolkata. Probably this was my first full-time job.This is where I met this beautiful girl Priyanka (name changed for privacy reasons). I met her in the cab when we were heading back to our home. She sat just next to me. It was awkward as I wasn’t so comfortable with women back then. I was a little shy and stayed away from them.One day I was checking out-group photos of my roommate and I saw her in the pic. I asked my roommate about her. He said that she works in his department and her name is Priyanka. So that’s how I found out a few details about her.I was a crazy guy and when my roommate was sleeping I took his phone and found her number and contact details. I quickly saved it on my phone. Later in the evening, I decided to text Priyanka and just left a message saying “Hi.”I didn’t get any reply for hours. But later I got lucky and there was her reply saying, “Hi, who is this? Do I know you?” I texted her back saying, “Maybe you don’t know me, but we meet in the cab on our back home from the office.”I was honest with her and told her that I found her contact details from my roommate. To which she said, “Fine.” Later that night, I was getting a call. I quickly checked my phone and it was she calling me.To my surprise, she wasn’t mad at me and she enjoyed the conversation with me and we spoke for hours. She was impressed with my sense of humor and that I could make her laugh in the middle of the night.She also mentioned that she is not in the city now but when she comes back from her hometown, she wants to meet me. I said, “I’ll be waiting.” We carried on with our usual flirting and texting. She enjoyed it a lot and she was always the first one to call me.One day she called me and stated, “I will be reaching tomorrow in the morning and in the evening I would like to meet you.” So I said, “Yup let’s meet,”’ and told her, “You can come to my place as my roommate will be in the office.” She said, “OK.”It was 5 pm and my roommate had left for the office. I was all alone in that house with wild ideas running through my mind. But importantly, I was thinking about what to cook or get for drinks and how to make her comfortable.As it was our first time meeting each other, I decided to get some beer and cook some chicken starters at home. I went to the market to get all the necessary stuff. After an hour, Priyanka called me and said that she has reached so I told her to wait as I’m coming over to receive her.I left my home and across the street, I saw her standing and waiting for me. She looked charming. She was wearing this white top that fitted her well, showing medium size boobs and a blue denim short skirt, revealing her fair shiny legs.Without thinking much I approached her and I said “Hi, my home is this way” and I grabbed her hands as we crossed the street. She wasn’t uncomfortable at all. She showed positive body language.We reached my home, sat on the bed and I offered her beer. She didn’t mind as she loves beer. I was a little busy cooking chicken for her. She told me why you need to do so much for me.I told her this is the first time you have come to my house. She smiled at me and I continued with my cooking. During this time, we had a lot of conversation and she was curious to know, what made me approach her?She said, “This is the first time someone tried to approach me like this.” I also came to know during this conversation, that she has a boyfriend whom she is dating for 8 years. I was cool with that, never felt heartbroken. I was just going with the flow.My room had a balcony and after a few beers that we had downed, we were standing at the balcony and watching the rain and the streets. Not a great view. But it was a romantic feeling. I was standing right behind her but my body was not in contact with hers.I was just standing behind her and talking to her in her ears as if I was whispering. I told her how beautiful she is and it’s really strange how we met.I even told her if she wasn’t dating anyone right now, I would have hugged you now from behind and told you …….I stopped there. She turned around and kissed me on my lips, and asked me, “What would you have told me?”I kissed her back and said, “I love you.”We started kissing on the balcony. We got our lips locked. She put her tongue inside my mouth. At the same time, I was feeling her body, her thighs, and softly pressed her boobs.She moaned and we kissed harder. I took her inside my room and held her against the wall and kissed her neck and body. I felt her thighs and ran my fingers on it.She was moaning in pleasure and was probably wet down there. But we kissed for hours and teased each other without removing any of our clothes.She later decided that we should go to her place, but I told her that I was working that night. It was a night shift. She told me, “Don’t worry you can go to work from my place.” So without giving it a second thought we decided to go to her place.We took a ride. And her place was not that far. She opened the door and let me in. She closed the door and sat next to me on the bed. Without saying a word we started kissing each other passionately. She bit my lower lip.This time my hand was running inside her T-shirt. I felt the soft skin and the shape of her boobs. I kissed her neck, and she moaned a lot. I took my tongue and played with her ears, as I kissed them and bit them softly.I removed her t-shirt and kissed all over her body before unhooking her bra. I could feel the tension on her face and in her eyes. While I kissed her body and navel, I pressed her right boob with one hand very hard. I took my hand inside her bra and found an erect nipple ready to be sucked hard.I didn’t open her bra but pulled it down with my teeth and started licking around the nipple. She moaned and said, “Please suck my nipple hard.”I licked and stroked her nipple with the tip of my tongue. She moaned. Then I squeezed her right boob with my hand and sucked her nipple very hard for 10 minutes.Later I gave attention to the other nipple as well and sucked it hard, while my other finger was circling her right boob’s nipple and at times I pressed it hard. I took my hand and slowly reached down unbuttoning her skirt while kissing her.She said in a mellow voice, “Please don’t go down, whatever you wanna do just do it on the upper body.” I said, “Ok,” and started kissing on her stomach. I could smell her wet juice and she was controlling hard.Once again I ran my finger under her skirt, this time she didn’t stop and said, “If you do want to show me your love, then show me.” I wasted no time and removed her skirt. I stroked her legs, inner thighs, and kissed her love-hole over her panty.I removed her panty slowly and continued to kiss and moved my way to her love-hole where she asked me to stop and told me not to go down there as it’s dirty.I told her, “I don’t mind and this is my way to show my love to you.” I made her relax and kissed her on her forehead and went down to kiss her love-hole. It was so wet.With the tip of my tongue, I started to explore her clit and her love-hole, it was clean shaved. I took my tongue a little deeper and licked her clit and sucked it slowly, as she started to moan louder.I sucked her clit harder and put my finger inside her love-hole. My finger just went inside and began to explore her G-spot. It was aroused. After finger fucking her, I put 2 fingers inside her. She moaned even louder.I moved my finger fast and sucked her clit at the same time and in a few minutes, she busted out a lot of juice. She said, “Sorry,” and I smiled at her.She pulled me over and came on top of me, kissing me on my neck she opened my shirt. While slowly making her way to the bottom, she unbuttoned my denim and pulled it out.She started kissing my nipples and my chest and navel and slowly opened my boxers. She was surprised that there was no bush and my tool was standing and looking at her. She took my tool and played with it with her hands.She loved the thickness and size. She went down on my balls and started licking them and sucking them while her long hair fell on top of my tool. With the tip of her tongue, she licked the length of the tool and took it inside her mouth.The feeling was out of this world. Every stroke she took, it went deeper inside her mouth and I watched her while my hands were pressing her boobs.At this time I was really hard and I just wanted to make love to her. I pulled her over me and came on top of her and kissed her, She took my tool and guided it inside her love hole. It was tight so I took it slowly.I pushed it inside her and she moaned in pain. I pushed deep inside her and she moaned and kissed me harder. I started making love deeper and harder in the missionary position.I took it deeper and she was liking it, she already had come twice by now. We didn’t stop there. I continued deeper and faster. She whispered in my ears, “I want you to cum inside me.” I kissed her and took my tongue inside her mouth and started faster and deeper.After 15 minutes or so I came deep inside her and even she came for the third time. I told her, “I came inside you,” she grabbed my body with her legs around my waist. My tool was still inside her love-hole.I could feel the juice dripping all around my tool. We kissed each other and I said I love you. She said, “This is the first and best erotic moment of my life. I have never experienced such passionate lovemaking.”We got up and went into the shower. We took a hot shower and cleaned ourselves. All of a sudden she went down on me and put my tool in her mouth. My tool was hard again. She sucked it so hard.She got up and kissed me and said she wants to do it from behind this time. I made her stand facing the wall and penetrated deep inside her from behind. I left the hot shower open and this time was wild and fucked her deep and hard.I pulled her hair, played with it, and fucked her deeper and faster. She moaned so loud that I had to put my hands on her mouth. She came twice and in another 10 minutes or so I came deep inside her. She came down on me and sucked my cum. It was such an amazing feeling.Later at night, she told me about her boyfriend whom she is dating for 8 years. She complained that he doesn’t know how to make love to her and she was never satisfied. She said that he cared only about his orgasm and never bothered about her.“After 8 years, today I’m completely satisfied, thanks to you,” she said. I never went to the office that day and loved every moment between us, the erotic, and the emotional part.We dated for 6 months and then broke up. At the start, she wasn’t completely in love with me. It was more of sex and lust than love. But slowly we found a way to love each other.Sadly it didn’t work out between us. I know, it’s mostly because of the long-distance between us. The physical presence of somebody cannot be replaced by a video call or WhatsApp text.Fast forward to this moment, we are still in touch. She is married to another man. She is happy. She still misses me and our lovemaking and always said, “It was the Best Sex Ever.”Sorry about the long read. This is the first time that I am narrating my own story to the public. I tried to express my feelings as much as possible. To date whenever I think about it, it gives me goosebumps and I feel very erotic. Thanks to Priyanka.Thank you all very much for reading my story. I really appreciate your feedback. 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