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Hello friends, today I am posting a story on nonvegstory.com, that day Pragya was wearing a cool black top and a white leggy on her lower legs. Pragya was studying in 12th standard. She was my student. I have been teaching him for the last 6 years. Pragya became young in front of me. Now she was as tall as me. When he touched my height of 5 feet 6 inches, my cock started erecting automatically. His playful eyes, his shyness coming to my class. Now everything seems very romantic to me. I used to go to his house on Baggi Road to teach him. Pragya is no longer a child. She had become a hot commodity worth fucking. When she used to look into my eyes with her playful eyes like a doe, he used to feel like falling down and fucking her. This happened one day. When he asked me a math question, I put my hand on his hand. What is this sir? She spoke innocently. Nothing, just like that! I said. This series went on. Now whenever she came to me with her notebook, I used to put my hand on her hand. Now Pragya was beginning to understand everything. His body had blossomed now. She was no longer a child. The bulge of the chest was now fully developed. It had become a huge back. Pragya was now beginning to understand the physical relationship between a man and a woman. I didn’t know whether she would be fingering her pussy or not. One day when I was teaching him, I secretly picked up his English copy and made a pussy and pussy into a fucking dick. ‘Pragya!! You are my best student, I want to fuck you in your pussy’ I made a picture and wrote it below. There was a fear in my mind that she might revolt, she might even show the picture to her parents, but again and again my heart used to feel that she would not do that. For the last 6 years, I had been seeing this most beautiful student of mine. I have taught her for so many days. I have taught 1 no 2 2 hours, 3 3 hours. That’s why I have the right to enjoy, fuck and eat Pragya. I always used to think like this. I used to get very jealous when his father used to talk about hiring another teacher. I have made this bud a flower, so I have the first right to eat it. I can’t delay any longer. Soon I should enjoy a young bud like Pragya. I considered. Pragya was looking very angry that day. He had seen the picture made of me. She was looking upset about him. What is this sir?? She opened that picture of pussy and dick in front of me and started asking. I read the displeasure in his eyes.’Yes! This is true Pragya. I want to fuck you! Because I am not a worshiper of lust. But because I love you. You are young now. You are now ready to fuck. Now apart from studies, you should also think about all this. Now you should also understand the game of Chumko Chut and Laude. If you are feeling bad about these words of mine, then tell me clearly. I will not come here from tomorrow. But now if I see you, I will not be able to live without fucking’ I clearly broke it. Ho was surprised. Yes, it was manual. Maybe she is thinking me a slut. Maybe she is thinking me a fool. Maybe she is considering me wild. After teaching him, I came home. I had full hope in my mind that I was teaching him for 6 years. But after hearing all this, she would immediately end all relations with me, but this did not happen. I did not go to teach him for 4 days. I was waiting for Gupta ji [प्रज्ञा के पापा] Will call me and say that now there is no need for me to come. But this did not happen. I kept waiting but there was no call from him. When I went to Pragya’s house on the 5th day, her father was sitting outside in the lawn. Hey master, where were you all these days? Why didn’t you come? How much was Pragya missing you?? He said. I laughed and went inside. I sat down to teach Pragya. He brought that English copy in front of me. I was a bit surprised. I picked up the copy and opened the page and saw it. ‘Sir. You have the right to hit my pussy. Because you have worked very hard in teaching me. I will give you pussy’ Pragya had written this below the picture. When I saw his answer, I could not believe it. I was reading it again and again, I turned my eyes towards my student. He agreed by nodding his head in yes. I was probably the luckiest man in the world at that time. After all, now I will get to enjoy my cool young student. He will get to fuck. I was happy and completely satisfied. The next day when I went to study, I went to Pragya’s room. Today I was looking at him with different eyes. Like everyday, I was not looking at him with normal eyes. At the same time, even her eyes were not taking off from me today. Her eyes were saying a lot. In his eyes again and again I was reading expressions and offers of acceptance. I closed the door and started moving towards Pragya Gupta. She stayed in her place. Did not back down I reached close to him. She started looking at me. I went ahead and kissed the familiar big very beautiful eyes there. Those mischievous eyes like a deer. I filled my girl in my embrace. She was not an ery gory girl for me. Maybe she was the most special girl for me. Pragya hugs me. Hour by hour we should be lost in each other. He put his hands on my back. Clinging to me What a big deal! The girl whom I used to teach everyday, today I will teach her the skill of Chudas and Chudai. For some time both of us remained in the embrace. Then the spell broke. I thought it necessary to drink the juice of her lips. I released her hands wrapped around my waist and took her lips in mine. I started drinking her juicy bachelor lips. Today was a historic day in my life. I didn’t stop and kept licking my girl’s lips. She agreed. That too was Chudasi completely today. Pragya’s breath was meeting my breath. The blood in my veins was running fast in my body. ‘Aaj isko raag ke chodna hain’ my stray heart was making this request again and again. Both of us guru and disciple remained lost in ourselves. My hands went on Pragya’s breast. Her breasts had grown in the last few years. When she used to bow a little while sitting in front of me, then her fresh soft soft mammos could be seen. Let us both be lost in ourselves. Standing there I kept drinking her lips and running my hand on her breast from above her top. Then we both came on the sofa. She was understanding very well that which study to study today. For show off, I told him to keep the copy books open. So that if someone comes by chance then there should be no problem. I kept drinking her soft soft lips and kept pressing her by holding her crooked hand. I had taken out her fresh milk from above the neck of her top. I was pounding his thighs vigorously. She was getting hot and sexy. I showed complete mischief and started rubbing her soft milk with my hard hands. He and I, both of us became very happy. That day was a memorable day for me. Where do you get cool stuff like Pragya Gupta everyday? A girl like her is one in a million. A girl like her is one in a million. I grabbed her chin, licked her sexy lips and caressed her boobs mercilessly. I can say with certainty that he must be in pain. I wanted to fuck my girl with full pleasure. Then I stripped her naked in her own house, in her own room. She got shy. The room in which I used to teach him was on one side of the house. No one used to come and go there. She had become naked in front of me. I had dreams of kissing her eyes. There was a hidden consent in her eyes to fuck her. I wanted to completely drown in my girl today. Everyday I used to teach her, today how well she fucks me, she will teach me. I looked into his eyes again and sank. I kissed her eyes thinking it as my pen. I had already removed her top. I started drinking Pragya Gupta’s mangoes. She was silent and was quietly feeding her milk to her Guruji. Sometimes I used to bite her nipples with my sharp teeth for fun. She used to jump. I was drinking her moms by touching my mouth. All the breasts were stuck in my mouth. I am happy that my mouth is so big that her milk came in my mouth. Oh My God!! How soft were her milk. How soft, how sweet. Beyond my wildest imagination. She is my girl, that’s why I have the right to suffer her. I was working on this funda. When I drank the first mamma, I filled the second one in my mouth. Now the second one started drinking. God has also created such a beautiful thing like a woman. If there were no girls and women then what would have happened to us men. How do we entertain ourselves? I was thinking about Pragya’s mother while drinking. I must have had some relation with her, otherwise I would not have come here and I would not have loved that 20 year old girl. I drank both of her breasts to the brim. Then I removed my jeans. Since a long time my man wanted to kill his girl’s pussy. I removed Pragya’s leggy. She had a very small pussy. You don’t get to kill the pussy of a beautiful girl like Pragya everyday. I also removed her panty. She had become completely naked. I started drinking her small pussy. So started yearning. My girl turned out to be more than I thought. She was not a small firecracker, she was an item bomb. I kept on licking Pragya’s pussy. She became Chudasi. I opened her legs. I took a lot of spit in my thumb and put it in her virgin ass. Oh my god, oh my god!! dead sir I am dead sir!! Pragya started crying.sh sh sh!! Nothing will happen I said. I put my hand on his mouth. So that his voice does not go out. My thumb went inside tearing her virgin ass apart. I started fucking her virgin ass with my thumb. She started crying. I didn’t agree and started fucking her new virgin ass with my thumb. She kept trying unsuccessfully to stop my hand with her hand. I started fucking her new ass. She cried a lot. I didn’t agree. Then I put my dick in her ass and started taking it. Some blood came out of his ass. After about 30 minutes his pain subsided. I just fell in her ass. I enjoyed it. Now it was her pussy’s turn. Unfortunately, when she was fucked, she felt pain again. A lot of blood came out of her pussy. Because both Pragya’s bore and pussy were virgins. I came home after petting him with pleasure. Deliberately I took 2 days off so that he could get rest. After that, I completed a century of fucking Pragya Gupta and noted down the date of every fuck in the copy like the date of a case. How did you like the story, please write in the comment box on nonvegstory.com. Teacher Student Sex Story, Teen Sex Story in Hindi, Hindi Chudai kahani, Mast chudai ki kahani, kamsin ladki ki choot ki chudai, hot sexy teacher student, Sex Story , Chudai Story, Xxx Story, Choot ki Chudai, Desi Sex, Indian Sex, Kamuk Story, Kamukta Story

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