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Tik Tok Sex Story, Tik Tok Girl Sex, Sexy Tik Tok Sexy Kahani, Tik Tok ChudaiFriends my name is Ravi, I am a resident of Bhopal. Today I am going to tell you Tik Tok sex story. How I fuck Tiktok wali girl ko choda khet mein, this is my true fuck story. I want to share with you so that you can also share the experience of chudai ka maza in the farm. I am a fan of a girl on Tik Tok, her style is amazing, she is very beautiful and young, she wears amazing dresses. Tell the truth friends, seeing him alone, I sleep fisting at night. Her name is Surabhi, she is eighteen years old, we both belong to the adjacent village. One day we were going from Bhopal to our village, we had to walk some distance, only then we met Surabhi. I immediately recognized Tik Tok wali wood Surbhi, I immediately said I am your big fan. I watch all your videos. And yes in the night I fisthahhah and I became silent I was about to speak I sleep fisting. But she understood, that’s why Surbhi said, what were you talking about, I said no, it was a mistake, I had no intention of saying so. happened. And I said yes, yes, when you are so hot, your ass is wide, your boobs are solid, you wear clothes in such a way that you can see the navel and armpit hair, then what should I do, if I don’t touch my face, what should I do? So she said, take out my college form tomorrow I have to pay and I have a fight in my house because of Tiktok, father says that I have become a prostitute, when he has said it, then why don’t he work as a prostitute. He didn’t give money, he said take it from Tiktok, and my luck is from Tiktok only, so you can fuck me if you want, but I will take two thousand. No, even thirty thousand is less to fuck such wood and she was asking for two. That’s why she said, Oye, don’t take it wrong, I am not a prostitute, I have not fucked anyone till date, except my brother-in-law, but he too could not insert his cock into my pussy, when he had set the cocks on the pussy to fuck, then see sister. Lee and from that day my relationship with them has ended. I spoke quickly. No no, I am not thinking like that, you can let me fuck you, take this two thousand and I immediately took it out and gave it. The road was deserted. No one was visible far and wide, it was a government school which was lying closed for years, it was in ruins. Both of us made a plan to fuck the same and then left. But she probably watches horror movies so she refused to fuck in the ruins. I felt that even the ghost should not fuck me. There is a paddy field behind the ruins, we both went to the field, where no one was visible. I untied her pajama and put her shirt up but was not enjoying it, so I asked her to open it completely, she got ready. What was it then friends, amazing figure. Big big round nipples, round ass, pink lips, that too was clean and tidy, I started sucking my lips, started pressing the nipples, then went down and started licking her pussy, she started licking my hair holding my head. Slowly, salty hot water started coming out of her pussy. I was licking it, it was salty in taste. You are reading this story on nonvegstory.com. She became very sensual and started sucking my cock like I didn’t know what I was getting and I was shivering. And slowly my dick became eight inches. She came down now and then told me to fuck quickly, and then I put my dick on her pussy and started pushing hard, at first it was not going, the pussy was very tight, then slowly started going, she lifted her ass and started fucking And I also started fucking in full speed. Friends, it felt amazing, sucking the nipples, giving finger in the ass, sucking the lips and then putting my dick in her pussy, I cannot tell how it felt. She was also enjoying Jannat. Played a lot with her body and fucked a lot, in about half an hour both of them calmed down and then went after wearing clothes. We both started going together, then she said, take your two thousand, I am not a prostitute. Yes, I need a different thing, but I will take some other solution. But I gave two thousand more and said that you are very honest and hot, so take it. No problem, you can call me whenever you want. I am always ready to help you. We both gave each other numbers. Right now there will be daily talk but maybe soon we will fuck again. How did you like this story Tiktok girl fuck. Thank you for visiting the non-veg story website daily.

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