The punishment or the pleasure of sleeping together that the son gave me

I am Kaushalya Devi, 39 years old, living in Chandigarh, my husband lives in Canada, I have a son who lives with me, today I am telling you a story which I was keeping hidden for 6 months. But today morning I had decided to share this story in front of you all so that I can feel a little lighter. Life is a mixture of many happiness and sorrows, sometimes good things happen to a person, then there will be happiness and sometimes some If something goes wrong, there is a secret in the corner of the heart which gets buried forever and we have to bear this burden till death, now there is medium of internet on which we can open our point, neither do you know Who am I, I do not know who you are, so today there is no fear of what people and neighbors will say, I have not told my real name, so I am sorry, but the story is 100% true. For days I was reading people’s stories on, then I felt that I should also tell, I am 39 years old, and working in a bank, life is going very well, I am not able to go to my husband. ‘Cause you know he’s abroad Yes, they come once in two years, everything is happy but I was deprived of sex only, because in two years I could celebrate only for 1 month, the rest of my life was dry, if I had sex with anyone else If I make a relationship, I am afraid of the consequences, then how will that person treat me later, thinking all this, I was deluded, but my body was misleading me, whenever I used to sleep at night, I used to think of other men. , And my body used to be on fire, sometimes the flame of sex used to burn like this, I had to go to the bathroom and take the help of cold water. That these four years since I crossed the age of 35, my body shape had become better, round ass, big but curvy, stomach and waist like a jug, I am fair, I used to maintain myself There was no dearth of things, I always used to go to spa and beauty parlour, to be honest, nowadays I have become a sex bomb. My son who is 21 years old, is still going to college, Ranveer Kapoor is not working when he is sixteen. It was a year since then I have been with him I had stopped putting him to bed, but when his birthday was in April 2015, I asked him to ask for a gift, I said I will give you my favorite gift this time, I thought I would give whatever car he asked for, but he made me emotional. . He said mom, I am missing sleeping with you a lot, don’t separate me from yourself, who else is mine except you, I don’t want to leave you ever in my life, I cried and said it’s okay son Jo kahega hoga, after that he started sleeping with me, I never had any thoughts in my mind, just he used to sleep with me, they would talk till late night and then both would go to sleep after saying good night to each other. But one day everything had changed, I woke up around 2 in the night, I saw that he was on top of me, and was pressing my tits, sucking my lips, as soon as I woke up, I pushed him down and I abused two or three, and said, I will call your dad now, what have you done with me, you have ruined the relationship between mother and son, you know what you were doing, There is a relationship between mother and son. So the son started saying, mother, don’t stop me, I am young, it is better to go out of the house than to please you and enjoy myself, I said you are a bastard, I thought you would be a good person but you are not a bastard When I got angry, he said, what did I do, am I the only one who does this, my friend Bunty, my friend Ranveer, both of their fathers also live in Canada, and both of them also fuck their mother, Bunty then fucks his sister. Even if I don’t leave, then what is the harm, the matter of the house is in the house only. For a minute it seemed that I had gone into a coma, then taking care of myself, she said, but I cannot do this, only then my son Said if you can’t do this then from today I am not your son, I will go somewhere else in the morning, I got scared, I hugged him and said son, I will do whatever you say, I don’t want to lose my son. I wanted, life is too short, I didn’t want to waste it, I thought if I don’t have sex with her, my son will leave my hand and if I agree then son will remain son, husband too It will be done, I hugged him but he became furious, he broke down on my nipples and started sucking my lips, I also got swept away in the same river, I also started helping him, and we both had our own clothes on the body I didn’t know when he removed it, today a young cock was saluting me in front of me, my body was on fire, I quickly took his cock in my mouth, and he started sucking my hair. He was taking the cock inside and out and was saying that from today you are not my mother but a prostitute, you are my mistress, today I will fuck you and tear your pussy, I also said that I also gave two or three streets. Dee, I said if you have so much strength in your cock, please satisfy me today, if you are really a motherfucker, then today I want to see how strong you are. As soon as we said this, both of us came in the position of 69, and he My pussy was licking and I was licking his cock, what was the cock too thick and about nine inches, the whole cock was not coming in my mouth, I was feeling his body, after that he again came on top of me with my nipples Started flirting, but I could not tolerate any more, I wanted cock as soon as possible, I said, don’t delay, today you make this mistress happy. put in and in one fell swoop Put the whole nine inch cock in my pussy, I moaned, till today I have never taken such a big cock, then what was it, turned on the laptop and put on a Russian adult movie, and started fucking me in his style He fucked me about 6 times in the night, and I also fucked him, today was the first time on the honeymoon when I was fucked 6 times. Now the son is no more a son, now I can’t understand what to say, I fuck everyday, I calm the fire of my lust, but life is going very well.

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