Younger brother was fooled and then read what he did

Read Very hot sexy adult Bhai Bahan Sex Story, Brother Sister Sex Story, Chudai Bhai Bahan, Sex Kahani, Akeli Bahan Ki Chudai, Sex Kahani Hindi, Hello friends my name is Rashmi I am 22 years old today I am going to tell you my true sex story I am going to tell that this story of mine is just 3 months old and is going on till date. In this story I will tell how I trapped my younger brother in my trap and fooled him to have sex with him. Till today I am kissing him. Now let me tell you the whole story in detail. Apart from both of us, mother and father live in my house, both of them are very busy, they have their own work, showroom, they both live in the showroom or sometimes go out for two-three days to bring the goods. Then we both brother and sister live alone in the house. I am a bit cheeky. I love to watch blue film. On internet I read colorful stories sexy stories on nonveg story dot com. Till the time you read stories, I caress my boobs. And keep fingering in my pussy, I love doing this and ever since I got hooked on cocks, I really want it everyday now. My brother who is younger than me. We love him a lot but mine and his love has grown a bit more. Hugging him since childhood, putting him on his lap, playing with him, playing horse and mare, he has been going on till today, often this game stops in homes. But it is still going on with me. It was a matter of 1 day, I became very sensual at night, both mother and father had gone to Ahmedabad, both of us were alone in the house, I had seen blue film, because of this, I felt like having sex, and while doing so, I told my brother Ajay, Ajay. My stomach is hurting a lot, my chest is also hurting a lot, it seems that I will not give up, I am suffering from pain, what should I do, I do not understand, it is 12:00 in the night, where do I know, what should I do? When I lost my life, my brother got very nervous after hearing this, he started getting upset, I am also pretending that there is a lot of pain in the river’s stomach. That’s why I opened my t-shirt and started pretending. I was only in shorts and bra. Slowly I unbuttoned my bra and said to him, you press my stomach slowly, by doing this the pain is relieved and he started doing the same, after that I told him to press the chest, started pressing the chest for 5 minutes. After pressing it, I felt that his private part was getting erect, his arms were erect and I was also wishing that his arms should be erect. After that I said Ajay, what happened, why are you upset. You helped me, now a little pain is over, it seems that I have recovered, if you were not there today, what would have happened to me. After that I hugged her and hugged her, I started kissing her lips. Slowly he started caressing my tits and started kissing, after that he put his hand in my pant, he realized as soon as he put his hand. My pussy was very wet. And it had become very hot, hot water was coming out of the pussy, he put his finger and went inside with the finger stick. Heat came in my body too, my Rome gave Rome city, after that he took out his hand and then started rubbing my tits vigorously. The sound of ah ah started coming out of my mouth, his sobs were also coming, both of us were enjoying each other. I unbuttoned my pant and grabbed his hair and took him near my private part and said lick it, lick it as much as you can, he started licking my private part madly. When he started inserting his fingers, he felt hot hot water, then he would have licked it immediately with his tongue. I was feeling very good about him doing all this, I said Ajay, I am not able to tolerate it now, I want your cock. Today you make me happy, tonight you have so much sex, have so much sex. That I become crazy about you and the wealth of the house remains in the house, what can be better than this, then as you wish, fuck me everyday, I will not refuse. Hearing this, Ajay took out his cock, set it on my pussy and pushed it hard. His full name, Inch Ka Lund, went inside my pussy. I started pushing hard, I started moaning, I pushed hard, I pushed from below, when there were pushes from both sides, heat was running in both of their bodies. We were doing our best to make each other happy. After that I put Ajay down and I went up myself, after that she started crawling on him like a fish without water. The heat of my pussy was not calming down, I had become very wild, but he was also not less, he was also trying very hard, I was saying louder, louder and louder. Suddenly he relaxed. But my heat has not subsided yet, his cock had calmed down but I had not calmed down yet. I said hey, what have you done, you have not made me happy, I am also not calm, what should I do. He hugged me and said sister this was my first day I will not let you down God will make you happy I have come to know how to do it. He was right, friends, the other day he fucked me in such a way that it is memorable for me. We both brothers and sisters have been making each other happy till now. I hope you will come and read more of my stories on non ka chori dot com.

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