The story of Lucknow became a relationship with the widowed mother-in-law

Vidhwa Sas Sex, Sas Damad Sex, son-in-law Sex Sex Story : Hello friends, today I am going to tell you the sex story of my widow mother in law. How my mother-in-law attracted me by showing her beauty and I also gave my heart. And giving this heart to the mother-in-law in whose proximity I lit it, and then she also started burning in the fire of lust, I also started walking. Many times it happens, friends, that when the circumstances are opposite, when someone is sad, they come closer, that’s why someone is sad, someone is in trouble, this is also the reason for sex. The same happened with me and with them when I joined them in their grief i.e. when my father-in-law passed away, my mother-in-law also came close to me and I also came close to my mother-in-law. My wife is the only daughter. My father-in-law died due to illness before my father left. While he was not even getting old, he was only 45 years old and with me he is 40 years old. When my father-in-law passed away, I started visiting my in-laws house more often than going to Lucknow so that my mother-in-law does not feel that she has no one else. My wife and I both live in Delhi and work in a software company so I get more leave but my wife doesn’t get it because she has more responsibilities because of this she can’t go to Lucknow much but I I can do more maintenance because I work from home and I also get more and there is no problem, so I always used to go near Lucknow. Father-in-law passed away about 3 months, slowly my mother-in-law also started forgetting him, and then slowly she started coming back to her world, she also knows with whom nothing will happen, if you want to live life, you have to laugh and cry too He should also think that she is my daughter, now we are dependent on her and my son-in-law has more love for him, so he himself had said that look son, father is no more, you are my everything, so don’t ever forget me. Then I came so close to them friends that the relationship which is pure between mother-in-law and son-in-law turned into sex and the relationship became strained, now we know how it happened. Was at in-laws house for 1 day. Reached at night, that day my mother-in-law was in a good mood, I was also trying to please her. So I told her that today we eat food outside, so I told her that if you get ready, she started refusing, then I told her that you yourself say that I will take care of you and you do not go on your own. I asked her to get ready, she got ready and was surprised when she got ready. Unlike the way she used to wear earlier, she wore a saree and her blouse was very sexy, her full stomach was visible and the saree was also very thin, so her body was visible. Done because navel felt like friends that I should put my cock in it. Since then my mind changed after seeing her and I felt that she is hotter and more beautiful than my wife. Then the same happened friends that I held his hand, he also did not agree that when both of us went to eat in the restaurant, you were very happy and it seemed that he wants to live his life even if it is with me because he is like this Was treating me as if she were my wife. Khushi was joking, holding my hand, doing what she was doing again and again, I could see her boobs again and again. When both of us came out after having food, he started walking by sticking to me, putting his hand in my hand, his boobs were repeatedly bumping into my hand, still he did not feel that anything was going wrong. She was walking with me like a husband and wife. When both of us reached home, he came after changing his clothes and told me that you should also change your clothes. When she came in front of me after changing clothes, I was surprised, she was not wearing bra inside, she was looking very sexy, her boobs were visible outside, roundness of ass was also visible. The most surprising thing was that friends, she was a widow, yet she came wearing lipstick. Isn’t it surprising to know that something was going on in his mind. Ask the truth friends, even my mind started feeling like my mother-in-law to come to my bed. My breathing has become fast, I started getting nervous because I felt that today I am speaking to him. Then I courageously told my mother-in-law that mother-in-law, you sleep with me today. As soon as I said this, my mother-in-law looked at me and said. I will go to sleep but this thing should not be known to anyone else and the relationship between me should also remain that of mother-in-law and son-in-law in front of everyone, no matter what happens inside the room. Friends had got the green signal, I just stood up and took him in my arms, he also took me in his arms. We both started groping each other’s body, slowly my lips reached over his lips. Blocked for both, we both started playing with each other’s bodies on the bed. We both took off each other’s clothes, I was filled with happiness seeing my mother-in-law’s body, friends, my body was on fire. Tight round boobs, round round ass, tight body. I immediately took her nipples in my mouth and started sucking the nipples. He also started sucking my lips while speaking to me, both of them were on top of my big boobs. I was rubbing. I gave my cock to her mouth she started sucking my cock guys as she was sucking my cock my cock was getting thicker and longer. When I put my hand on her pussy, I saw that the pussy was very hot and hot water was coming out. Can you lick my pussy friends, I immediately reached close to her pussy and spread both legs and sitting in the middle started licking her pussy with my tongue, I was taking out hot water and I was drinking all before getting . In about 10 minutes she got so hot that what to tell friends started going crazy. He said that it is not tolerable now, quickly calm the flame of my body. Friends went in the pussy, as soon as the cock entered her pussy, she became mad and started pushing from below. I also started pushing from above. Both were trying to please each other. After that I got down she climbed on top of me holding my cock she put it on her pussy and sat down. Now bounced and started kissing. Friends, after that, sometimes he was below, sometimes I made a mare, sometimes made a dog, made you a dog, as we wanted, we both kept making each other happy. We both had sex about 3 times in the night and now friends together. I am in Lucknow every 1 week, my wife feels that I should take care of her mother and friends, now I have two wives, now I consider my mother-in-law as my wife, but every 1 week I am in Lucknow for 15 days and just 2 I fuck them fiercely during the day. Both of us are in love, we both go somewhere to celebrate honeymoon, my wife is feeling that mother doesn’t feel like it, so my husband goes to visit her, what is the truth, now you have also come to know and whatever I I am happy, my mother-in-law, look, may God bless everyone.

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