It took a lot of effort to fuck Phoolandevi aunty, but it was fun

Hello friends, I am Lallan telling all of you my cool sexy story on non veg story dot com. This is my fourth story which I am telling you. I Tikamgarh [मध्य प्रदेश] I am a resident of Last month Phoolandevi aunty came to my house. Grandfather had fucked my grandmother a lot. In today’s era of inflation, people do not have more than 2 children. But friends, this thing was not applicable 30-40 years ago. Earlier there was not so much inflation, that’s why people used to fuck a lot and give birth to a lot of children. Exactly the same happened with my grandmother. Nana used to wear dhoti. Whenever the mind came, picking up the dhoti, picking up the saree of the grandmother, used to lie down. The result of this was that grandmother’s 5 daughters went on dying. The eldest girl got married. I was born when my mother kissed. But the rest of my 4 aunts were younger. After a few days, 2nd and 3rd number’s aunt got married. But luckily the fourth aunt must have been 23 or 24 years old of my age. Her name was Phoolandevi. Yes, I know that this name will definitely seem old to you, but friends, this name was very popular 20-30 years ago. People used to name their daughters-in-law Phoolandevi. So I come straight to the story. Phoolandevi aunty came to my house a few days ago. He had filled the BA form from our Tikamgarh itself because a lot of copying used to happen here. That’s why Phoolandevi aunty came to my house. I used to joke a lot with her. My aunt was of the same age, so I used to make fun of her a lot. One day Phoolandevi’s aunt said, ‘Son, bring a copy from the market!’ ‘Son, bring vegetables’ she said and started making fun of me. I used to feel like his son in the relationship. But being of the same age, I used to joke with my aunt too. ‘If you are making a son, then give him milk too. Because children drink milk by touching their mother’s chest. I will call you as mother or aunt everyday!!’ I said. Phoolan Devi’s aunt shuddered. It would not be wrong to say that the aunt had now become completely chudasi. His chest had emerged. She always wore tight and fitted salwar suits, so she looked like a super girl because of her plump big breasts. Characters like Heiman, Superman, Iron Man used to emerge in my mind after seeing him again and again. It would not be wrong to say that aunt was now ready to fuck. It was time for them to eat lauda. Phoolan Devi’s aunt was shocked by my jokes. Slowly she also started making non-veg jokes with me. I used to look at him with eyes in his eyes. I was trying my best to impress them. Because my dick was also getting erect now. How many days had passed, the pussy was not found. One day my young and sexy Phoolan Devi aunty was wearing her frock suit. She was going to the market with my mother. He had turned out to be in a very beautiful frock suit. Wore it but could not zip it from behind. That’s why they called me to zip the back. I went and saw Phoolan Devi aunty’s huge smooth muscular back today. The frock suit was too tight. I worked hard and put a zip on the pull. Aunt Phoolan Devi’s body was full. She was looking like a completely young and amazing girl. I played pranks and leaned back and kissed her on her pale back. She got scared. I gave my message to my aunt. In a gesture, I told her that this son of hers likes her very much and wants to love her. Aunt Phoolandevi slipped away from there at that time. But after kissing her fair and smooth buttery back, she knew my intention very well that I wanted to eat her paella. I want to fuck her pussy. Days passed like this. One day I secretly put some blue films on my aunt’s smartphone. My plan worked. After a few hours, aunt’s eyes fell on Mast Mast Chudai movies. He watched those fuck movies with pleasure. Then after a few days he asked me to bring more films. I immediately went to the nearby shop and got 50 GB Chudai film. I started watching Chudai movie with my aunt Phoolandevi. Within a short time I wanted to fuck my aunt. I caught hold of my aunt’s hand and kissed her hand. Aunt Phoolan Devi started looking at me with deep eyes. She came to know that her son wants to fuck her. I kept kissing my aunt’s hand. In a while she got caught. I caught them. Started kissing her on the cheek. Friends, in no time my hand reached on the raised breasts of the aunt. I started pressing. She started pressing. Wow!! He had so many cool moms. The breasts were commendable. Virgin and untouchable. Big and round. I started pressing her milk over her suit. Phoolan Devi locked eyes with her aunt. My enthusiasm increased. I started pressing her breasts with more and more force. Friends were having a lot of fun. In some time, the aunt caught me and found herself naked. I was taking him like a big crocodile. This fourth number aunt of mine was a wonderful asset. May God bless every young boy with a Chudasi aunty like this. Aunt’s milk was in my mouth. I was drinking them. Her round, chubby, rubbery soft breasts were really capable of drinking and pressing. I enjoyed a lot. Everyday Phoolan Devi used to see her in salwar suit in clothes but today I saw her naked. A lot of pimples had grown in her pussy. But at the moment I was busy drinking aunt’s milk. I moved my fingers many times on aunt’s surmai lips. Aunt started sobbing and became even more horny. Her nipples were of deep black shiny color and were very spectacular. It seemed that they have just been made in a new factory. I kept rubbing Phoolan Devi’s nipples with my hand for hours. During this her beauty and beauty had increased more than before. Today she was not looking less than an angel to me. I used to take my aunt’s full breasts in my hands, press them little by little and rub the black coin shaped nipples and play with her. Really, God has also made such a beautiful thing like a woman. Will have to believe in the above. I was thinking all this and was playing with Phoolan Devi’s aunt’s mother. In my childhood I used to play with plastic toys, but now I got to play with something alive. Once again I bowed down and filled my mouth with the chest of my same age Chudasi aunt and started drinking. Aunt surrendered after some time. Now it was time for her pussy worship. The pussy full of black hairs was really beautiful, but her real beauty was not visible in the black hairs. I ran to get my shaving machine and slowly shaved Phoolan Devi’s aunt with great love. I had never made my jhantas with so much love. But today when I met a young aunt, suddenly my love blossomed. As God willing !! Aunt’s new budding pussy is looking no less than a queen. How beautiful was her pussy. How much light, how much shine was there in aunt’s full pussy. It was not a 5 6 inch deep pussy but a door to heaven. Aunt was straightening her legs just in front. The pussy had its own velu between the 2 closed legs. I started licking my aunt’s heaven’s door with my tongue. Fair smooth pussy, a thin line in the middle. I untied Phoolan Devi’s feet. Ouch!! What a beautiful pussy!! This is what my heart was saying again and again. Once I bowed down on that dargah of heaven and started drinking my real aunt’s pussy. Virgin smooth pussy. Captivating and very attractive. I left no stone unturned to drink my aunt’s pussy. With all my heart I drank their evil deeply. Now it was time to eat aunt’s lauda. My penis was flowing for a long time. I caught hold of both the thighs of Phoolandevi aunty. Like a blacksmith, I fitted my dick on my aunt’s bosom. Aunt knew that when a young girl fucks for the first time, it hurts a lot. He knew this thing. He held her big breasts with his hands. I swung into action and pushed inside. My strong cock entered in aunt’s pussy. Aunt Phoolandevi felt great pain. His round face shrank and dropped. I hummed more loudly and my 8 inch dick reached inside aunt’s bosom. I stopped for a second. Then slowly with great love and affection my real aunt [माँ की बहन] Started taking My blood-stained penis was slowly going in and out of aunt’s pussy. In the beginning, the pelai was being done slowly. Then slowly the floors started meeting. I was successful in fucking my aunt. This was a big deal. It was a big achievement for me. I climbed on aunt. I removed her hands from her milk and took the teats in my hands. Oh My God!! How soft, how soft from mangoes. Probably the most beautiful thing my eyes have ever seen. Pressing it with my hand, I filled it in my mouth and started drinking it. This moment was magical, really friends, very wonderful and very magical. During this, I buried my weapon in Phoolandevi aunt’s pussy as well. Then after some time, the train of my son was started again in the house of his aunt. It was a great experience. I started having sex with my aunt again by knocking. Chudti aunt’s beauty had settled in the eyes. Then I could not help it. I put my lips on aunt’s lips and started eating them while drinking. Now my cock had completely gone into aunt’s burrow. He was slipping in and out bit by bit. Aunt’s pussy was really very sweet. My dude was telling me this again and again. I wanted to completely merge with my aunt. I held her in my arms. After drinking her soft soft lips, I was hitting her pussy boiling like a fire burning like a volcano. Then after some time I fell in Phoolan Devi’s aunt’s bosom. Aunt caught me. This is called real snow fucking, I thought. Aunt Phoolan Devi started kissing me on the cheek, neck and chest. I liked it very much. I enjoyed fucking my mother’s real sister. Aunty was looking stunning and impressive today without clothes.Uffff! What a youth he was. I don’t have words to praise. Aunt Phoolan Devi’s hand went down. She caught hold of my dick and started tearing it. It took a lot of effort to fuck my aunt. My penis had swollen a lot. This happened because of excitement. I had ejaculated but still my cock was not dry. Remained fat and remained standing. Aunt herself started beating cocks without saying a lot. ‘Loud aunty! And hit harder!!’ I said. I kissed my aunt again on her fair cheeks. I just saw Aunt Phoolan Devi had slight dimples on her cheeks, which were visible only when looked closely. I put my hand in aunt’s pussy and started caressing. Then both of us came in 61 62 position. My aunt started drinking my cock and my pills. I put my finger in her pussy and started drinking. Just say that my luck was good that my aunt had come to give the exam, otherwise I would not have got such a wonderful pussy. Phoolandevi aunty took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it. Along with this, she was caressing my two black pills with her delicate finger. She was sucking my thick cock by shaking her head loudly. When my aunt started drinking my cock very loudly, I felt that I might fall down. ‘Drink comfortably aunt otherwise the goods will be missed!!’ I said. In the second round of chudai, I made Phoolan Devi mausi a bitch. Now I will serve them in doggy style, that was the plan. Aunt put both hands on the side of her head. She was looking so beautiful as a bitch. How much was accumulating I put my face and mouth in the middle of my aunt’s fluttering buttocks from behind. I wanted to eat his white smooth buttocks. Aunt’s belly from behind looked very huge and full of splendor. It was a very big pussy, full and full. I was struck dead once again by its beauty. I slapped the pussy with my hand and slapped it twice. And once again started drinking aunt’s new pussy from behind. Started digging it with his tongue. Then I became a dog and put my penis in my aunt’s pussy. Aunt’s bosom pulled my cock like a vacuum cleaner. I started hitting him. Aunty started saying aha ha ha ho ho ho. Sometimes she used to become completely calm and silent and used to fuck deeply with intensity without making any noise. But sometimes she used to get into a bit of fun and loudly ‘Aa aa ha ha ho ho!!’ Used to kiss after doing. All this was wonderful. Friends, Aunt’s BA exam is over after 1 month. I went to make my aunt sit in the bus. I drank her lips one more time and pressed mummy 2-3 times in the bus itself. Aunt went away after getting fucked, but the taste of her pussy is still on my penis. You are reading this story on non veg

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