Unexpected sex experience in bus

I am waiting for city bus at Ammerpet to go koti at about 8:00 pm. There are so many waiting there. At last bus was come and each and every person trying to enter into bus and with great difficulty I could enter into the bus. There is no space even to stand properly. There is no space between two persons who stood there. Bus started and conductor adjusting the persons to come forward to give space to the persons behind.

I moved little bit to front side and hold the bar with hand. All of a sudden the driver pressed the break and the passengers fell on the front side persons. The person who fallen upon me pressed in backside like anything and I witnessed his cock hitting my asshole. I turned my face to backside and saw the person who stood behind me. He was nearly 50 years old man with white hair and white mustaches and balled head.

On seeing me, he smiled at me. Let me introduce about me. I am Arun Kumar aged about 35, married with children doing Govt job. My life was running happily and there was no thought of gay-sex in my life and I disliked gay-sex and the persons who involved in it. Again bus started and the man who stood behinds me started hitting, rubbing and falling upon me. I controlled myself and I could able to say anything to him because the bus condition was like that.

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After passing certain time, I don’t know why my body reacting for this action of that oldman. When ever he hits my ass with his rod, I was feeling un-explainable joy in my heart. Unknowingly myself started rubbing my ass to his rod and not even cared the persons stood near me. Koti came and I got down from bus. After moving little bit distance I stood and turned my face towards bus. He was also got down from the bus. He came to me and smiled.

I don’t know what to do. I too simply smiled. He asked me my name and where I reside. Without my knowledge I said my name and and also my area. He said that he was farmer and native of Rayalaseema and presently staying at his daughter’s house at Vidyanager. He got wife, children. He asked me can we have tea. I accepted. Both went inside of Kaka hotel and sit side by side.As it was night there was less rush in the hotel.

The server brought tea while we were drinking, he placed his hand upon my left hand and it was rough. He holds my hand, take it, and placed on his thigh. Again after some time he placed my hand on his meat, it was too big in size. Immediately I get back my hand. He said if I like him, he want to keep relation with me. He gave his cell number to me and said contact him. Both came out side and he asked me, do you want cigarette.

I said no. He went nearby shop and came with cigarette smoking. He said his cock was 8 inches, uncut with two and half dia. I was kept silent. He smiled at me and asked me to permit to leave. I said ok. He went away. I had forgotten on which purpose I came here. I could not move any where. I stayed there only for some time and again went back my home. I could not able to get sleep till late night. Even if I closed my eyes, the scene was repeating in my brain.

I was totally disturbed. Next day I went to office but could not able to concentrate my work. Like wise days passed. On Sunday, I was free at home and in his thoughts I had given a miss call. After 10 minutes he contacted me and asked me who am I? I explained to him. He said that he was expecting call from me and asked can I come now. I said to him, I will call latter and inform where we can meet. After that I was feeling as if I had done wrong.

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Mind was not in control. At evening I was not in controlled position and again I had given miss call to him. Immediately he responded and asked me to come to Lakidikapool centre to meet him. I went there and met him. He said that where can we go. Both went to public garden and sat there and exchange about ourselves. It was nearly 7:30 pm. He opened his jizp and placed his cock out side.

It was black in colour, uncut and looks like a iron rod. He asked me to keep my hand on it. Immediately I couldn’t able to place my hand on it but the desire in side me made to keep my hand on it. It was hot I pressed it. At that movement my mind compelled I enjoy with it. I asked him his name and he said his name is Venkataiah. He came very near to me and kissed my lips smoothly. I don’t know it made me to feel as if I am his property.

Again he kissed my lips and this time he sucked my lips and taken my tongue in his mouth and sucked it. He pressed my head towards his cock and inserted his lund in my mouth. I started sucking it. It was uncut and I open the skin out side. It was smelly but that smell made me to get mad to get sex with him. I sucked its head forcefully for two minutes. Somebody came on that way. I want to adjust myself but he did not permit me.

I was sucking like that only. He kept his hand on my head and adjusting my hair style and said that he want me permanently. As his cock is inside my mouth I could not able to reply him.Then he started my mouth fucking. After a while he cummed in my mouth and asked me to take it inside. I did it. He kissed me deeply. It was 8:30 pm and all people assembled there were leaving. We too started and came outside the garden.

He asked me to give call whenever I want and left me. My inner heart is not interested to leave him I came with my unhappy feelings to my house. I did not get sleep that night. There after day by day my desire get too fucked increased like any thing and I became mad about sex. I could not able to concentrate on many thing since I was getting only this thoughts.I was confused whether I was doing wrong or right. Finally I come to conclusion to enjoy with him.

I planed myself how to meet him I decided to send my family to her home for certain days. I came from office in the evening and informed my wife that I had to go for training for one month and it was better to go to her mother’s house in that period. She felt very much happy and agreed. After two days I sent my wife to her mother’s house. Now I am free at my office hours I made a call and he responded.

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I asked him to contact me in the evening and try to stay night along with me in my house and said no body was in my house. He agrees and asked me where to come. I said the address. I complete my work early and reached my house with in 6:00 pm and had bath and arranged things for my dinner. Subbaiah made a call and said he was in front of my apartment. I went to him and brought him inside.

He closed the doors and become half nude and came near to me and kept his uncut cock inside my mouth and asked me to enjoy like his wife. His words made me happy and with emotion I sucked his cock forcefully. He made me nude slowly while enjoying sucking and asked me to sleep on bed and without giving any time he occupied the bed and stared sucked of my nipples forcefully. He sucked every part of my body step by step and came to cock and he played with it for a while.

It was small in compare to his cock. He sucked my cock.With in no time I made cum in his mouthful. He happily consumed it. He sucked my lips and came to ass position and inserted his tongue in side my asshole and rotated it inside.He was eagerly bent me in dog style and kept his cock at the doorsteps of my asshole. I was afraid whether it can enter in it. I expressed the same to him but he was not in the position to hear.

He pushed it forcefully enter half of it I felt maximum pain and I was not in a position to bear. I was crying but he was not caring. He started fucking slowly he made his cock inside and out side. After five shots again he pushed forcefully and this time it entered fully and I felt as if it reached to my mouth. He fucked forcefully and I controlled my pain. Gradually the pain reduced and when he kept his cock fully inside

I felt as if I was in heaven and this joy should be ever lasting in my life. He fucked for five minutes continuously and made cum inside hot thick liquid flow inside. We separated each other and slept on bed. After 15 minutes I asked subbaih, dinner was arranged for him. He said he was very happy to have me as second set up and asked me to promise not to discontinue this relation in my life. I happily agreed by keeping my hand in his hand.

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We had dinner and again reached the bed. I became his stepny throughout night and he fucked me like a bull every time. I was totally satisfied with his strong meat and desire to have it everyday. At about 7.00 am he wanted to go. I immediately hugged him and asked him to come for the night. He said that he will inform in his house as if he was going to some friend village for a week and come to me to enjoy. I kissed him and again sucked his sleepy lund for a while and agreed to leave.