What do girls / women need to have great sex?

If you think that penetrative sex is enough to bring your female partner to climax while fucking, then you are thinking wrong, a survey has revealed that the clitoral is the most important factor for girls to reach orgasm. Stimulation is needed. While women agreed that clitoral stimulation is very important for orgasm, some women said that they needed vaginal pampering for orgasm, while some women accepted that only penetrative sex It is enough for them to reach orgasm. In this survey, women were also asked what kind of sexual stimuli do they enjoy the most? In response, most women liked rhythmic motion, different patterns and circling. In this survey, most women believed that when more time is given in foreplay before sex and when they are emotionally attached to the partner, then they feel better. Orgasm is felt. Apart from this, only 1 out of 5 women involved in the survey believed that the longer the sex, the better… ie, most of the women considered sex of shorter duration better. So what is the delay, try the above things and make your partner happy!!!!!!!

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