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Hello friends, I Gulfam welcomes all of you very much on Non Veg Story dot com. Today I am telling you my story. This is my first story which I am telling you. My younger brother Sujit whom I fondly called Chhotu Chhotu was my best friend. In childhood, we used to study together and play together. Slowly we both grew up. I too became a young girl of 18 years. I was very beautiful. When I became young, my breasts came out big and round and filled with sweet juice. Many boys were eager to get and drink this juice. Seeing his daughter getting young, father started worrying about my marriage. But father was a heart patient. He could not do much running. His heartbeat used to increase. That’s why now the responsibility of finding my marriage was on my younger brother Chhotu. Now Chhotu started going every week to find the right guy for me. But finding the right wood was not that easy. Poor Chhotu went here and there in search of a boy for 4 years and then found a boy. Chhotu only arranged the whole marriage. The shopping of confectionery, tents, dowry was done by Chhotu only. He ran a lot. I got married. Everything was going well. But after 2 years my husband passed away. My mother-in-law threw me out of the house by calling me a witch. I came back home. I was very sad. I would just sit at the door all day and cry. My dear brother Chhotu had married me after working so hard, now I have returned to my home again. I started considering myself a burden at home. One day I tried to kill myself by drinking phenyl in the bathroom. On the spot Chhotu came and snatched the phenyl bottle from my hand. What are you doing sister?? Have you lost your mind?? Chhotu slapped me hard. I want to die!! I want to die!! I don’t want to be a burden on you guys!! I said and started crying bitterly. Elder sister! You are my big sister! You are my real sister! Can a sister ever be a burden for a brother?? Chotu spoke and he hugged me. For a long time I kept crying hugging my brother Chhotu. If he had not stopped me today, I would have ended my life today by drinking poison. I listened carefully to Chotu’s words and somehow managed myself. In my heart, I respected my younger brother more and started loving him more. I thought in my mind that I can be of use to Chhotu in some way. Now I started doing all his work, cleaning Chhotu’s clothes, mopping his room, pressing his clothes, polishing his shoes. Friends, one day Chhotu was in his room at 9 in the evening. I had taken food for him, as soon as I went inside I saw Chhotu fisting. Elder sister??? He got very scared and started hiding his dick with his hand. I immediately ran away after keeping the food. After a few days, I spoke to Chhotu. ‘brother! you don’t fist This will make your penis weak. If you want, hit my pussy’ I told her but sister?? He spoke squarely. Yes! Brother, I just want to be of use to you!!’ I said. Slowly we became brother and sister. When I go to take bath, I signal to Chhotu that I am going to take bath. If you want to come then come. He would have come He was only 1 year younger than me. We both used to kiss a lot. Slowly we both started living like lovers. One day Chhotu had a big desire to kill me. Elder sister !! Please give me pussy. It’s been so many days that no one has hit the pussy! He said it brother! You consider my pussy as your own’ I said I also wanted to get fucked. We both came to the bathroom and started taking bath. I took off my shirt. Then I also removed my bra. My brother Chhotu got mad seeing my breasts. He hugged me and started pressing my breasts with his hands. We both brother and sister lay down on the floor in the bathroom. Chhotu was stunned to see my mother. ‘Elder sister! How big and beautiful are your moms??’ He spoke in surprise. ‘Drink brother! My mom is yours now! Drink it brother!’ I said. Chhotu now started drinking my boobs with great pleasure by pressing his hands. He filled my juicy big breasts in his mouth. And started drinking happily. I was also having a lot of fun. Chotu started drinking my mother after chewing with small teeth. I was also having a lot of fun drinking her fair and soft breasts. Brother was drinking my milk with great pleasure. After some time Chhotu raised the slogan of my salwar. He was staring at me with deep eyes. I knew what was going to happen now. I knew that brother was going to fuck me now. I didn’t say anything. I started chewing my lips quickly. Chhotu came to know that I am also a Chudasi and wanted to become the slave of his tall man. When Chhotu opened my salwar, he kept caressing my pelvis for some time. Then he started moving his hand on my pussy. Maybe you are guessing how the sister’s pussy will be, how beautiful it will be. During this I closed my eyes. After some time brother put his hand in my panty. I had cleaned my jhante some time ago. Because I knew that brother has become young now. He is looking for Bur. I knew this. Chotu’s hand was inside my panty, his fingers were sliding here and there on my soft pussy. For some time Chhotu kept caressing my pussy. Then he went down and started looking for my pussy hole. I also wanted brother to fuck me. So I also opened both my legs. Within seconds, Chhotu found my pussy hole. He put his finger in my bosom. I felt slight pain. Chhotu took out his finger and spit a lot on it. He again poked his spit-soaked finger into my hole. This time I felt less pain because the finger was wet. My brother Chhotu started licking my pussy, very quickly started fingering my hole. I started sizzling hot. My heartbeat increased. But now Kamdev was riding on his brother. I could not stop him even if I wanted to. Chhotu’s hand had entered my red colored panty. He was licking my pussy. It was great fun guys. Friends, I was enjoying Jannat. After some time the brother was tired. He took out his hand. Now he put the other hand in my panty and put it in my bosom and started tearing it. That day brother had already made a record. He beat my pussy with his fingers for hours. Then he made me completely naked in the bathroom. brother !! The way you are fucking me, exactly the same way your brother-in-law used to fuck me’ I said Chotu laughed. He removed his holding. Layed on top of me in the bathroom. He opened both my legs. Chhotu inserted his big dick in my hole. Brother’s dick is so big, I did not know. Chhotu was now fucking me. I was fucking my real brother. Brother was fucking me. He was kneading my juicy breasts like dough by pressing them with his hands. I was having a lot of fun. After some time Chhotu started hitting brilliant fours like Sachin Tendulkar. Brother started fucking me bit by bit. I drowned in the ocean of bliss. Due to Chhotu’s vigorous thrusts, my nipples started shaking in slow motion. He was beating me very well. My late husband who used to feed me day and night, Chhotu he was fucking me even more spectacularly. He was running his waist quickly on my pussy, I was getting bulk. That day friends, younger brother had a great fuck in my bathroom. Then we both took bath. Earlier, like a widow, I always used to sit on the threshold of the house feeling sad. Now I was out of depression. I had accepted my brother Chhotu as my husband. When my parents used to sleep at night, I used to secretly escape to my brother’s room. Chotu used to fuck me a lot. One such thing I was fingering in my pussy. Then started living to get fucked by brother. I immediately went to Chhotu’s room at night. That poor man was sleeping by hanging a sheet. small!! Brother wake up! I said Chotu got up with closed eyes. What is it sister?? He asked brother, my pussy is craving for cock. Please fuck me bro! Calm down the heat of my anger by fucking me!! I told my brother. Chotu kept rubbing his eyes for some time. But as soon as I took off my salwar kameez. As soon as I got naked, my brother Chhotu lost all his sleep. Come sister lie on my bed!! This will fuck you This will calm the heat of your pussy!! Brother spoke. I took off my underwear and lay down on my brother’s bed. Chhotu put his long penis in my bosom. opened my legs Started fucking me like a toy. His eyes were fixed only on my Bur. He was not looking anywhere else. He was hitting me with gach gach. I was a widowed woman. There was no husband. But by the grace of my younger brother, I was not sorry. Because my brother had already arranged for a cock for my deep bosom. That’s why I didn’t have any complaints from the above. If not the husband’s dick, then brother’s dick is right. My brother Chhotu was eating pail by gossiping to me. By biting my white cheeks, nose and throat with his teeth, he was eating fuck by making me more excited. After some time the brother fell in my bosom. He hugged me and lay down next to me. Chhotu took me in his arms. My mother and brother started drinking like white cream. I was having a lot of fun. After some time his dick got erect again. ‘Elder sister!! Open your feet! I will eat you more! Haven’t enjoyed anything in one go,’ said Chhotu. I also wanted to spit more. Chhotu put his long black dick in my bosom again and started pounding me. Friends, I had fun that night. Chhotu didn’t let me wear even a single bracelet. He kept me naked the whole night and fed me 6 times altogether. Even my late husband did such a wonderful beating. He could take me only 3 times in the night. But Chhotu was still very young. His stamina was high. Friends, I was completely infatuated with my brother Chhotu. Whenever I wanted a cock, I used to go to my brother and say, ‘Brother!! I’m craving cock! fuck me!! I used to tell Chhotu. 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