Month: February 2023

papa ji did my first fuck

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What do girls / women need to have great sex?

If you think that penetrative sex is enough to bring your female partner to climax while fucking, then you are thinking wrong, a survey has revealed that the clitoral is the most important factor for girls to reach orgasm. Stimulation is needed. While women agreed that clitoral stimulation is very important for orgasm, some women […]

What should I do?

Sex Story From https// For the first time I am going to muster up the courage to tell you, sometimes in life one gets so addicted to something that it is very difficult to fuck, the same thing happened with me. Was, I started disliking my husband, and my interest was more in other men, […]

My first sex with my teacher Manisha

Hello Friend my name is Anshul I am regular reader of nonveg website my all friends are visiting this website daily becausea all the sexy horney share their experince here. so i also posting my first story about my first experince of first fuck.Now i wish to share my experince with you people, first […]