how to attract husband during sex

Sometimes some women complain that, when I have a desire for sex, my husband does not do it in the way that I think my husband should do with me during coitus. Why sex is not only the fulfillment of desires but it is also a necessity for a healthy life. Sex is the first step in the beginning of life, and it is the best way to get your love and keep it close, because a man is attracted to another woman or girl only when he lacks emotion and sex, so wife A man or a woman needs to attract him with his looks and feelings and body and experience sex and love. It is also very important to have complete information about sex. Sometimes people are deprived of this wonderful pleasure due to negligence, or due to non-cooperation of the partner. Nowadays it has become common for men to complain that their partner is not able to excite them completely. Keep in mind that just like raw fruit is not tasty to eat, in the same way both cannot get self-satisfaction unless both the parties are fully excited in bed. Another name of sex is self-satisfaction, which if not fulfilled, takes the form of disorder. Today, in this article, we will tell you how women can excite their partner, and with just a little information, they can enjoy a pleasant sex life. It happens, because during sex, the surrounding environment has a direct effect on sex. So when you want to have sex, definitely prepare the room. First use a room freshener in the room, then if possible use candle light or dim light, men like it very much. Apart from this, do not immediately invite the man to have sex, first create an atmosphere, for this, romantic songs will give you full support. Exposing: That is, the performance as we all know that the first impression should be better. That’s why women want their first performance to be better when they go in front of their partner for sex. For this, women should wear underwear of the color and shape of the partner’s choice. According to a research, men like black colored lingerie more, so try to use black color only. Apart from this, you can also use transparent lingerie to impress more. You always try to be beautiful and neat. Show of emotions: Although it may seem strange to women that how dance is possible during this time, but dance does not mean that you dance professionally as you dance. The main purpose of this tip is to display your body in an archetypal way before the first sex partner. Men are most attracted by body structure and body movement, and sometimes men themselves cooperate with you in this. is inviting That’s why while doing the first kiss, stay very close to the partner, so that the partner can feel the touch of your body clearly. Use more of your tongue while kissing, caress your partner’s lips very gently with your lips and tongue and give them a full chance too. Use of fruits during sex: This is such an art, which has been an integral part of sex since very ancient times. Undoubtedly, this action will fully cooperate in stimulating your partner. You can use strawberry, grapes or banana for this. If you are using strawberry, press it between your lips and take it near the partner’s lips, during this give full time. Kiss and touch other parts of the body as well, this will increase both sex power and desire. Oral Sex: Oral sex is an important part of a good arousal. First do oral sex with the partner, kiss more and more on his body and let the man feel the bulge of your body completely. If the partner gets excited soon, stop them and then do oral sex after some time, this increases the excitement to a great extent, and both the parties get a lot of pleasure. Talking during sex: Talking during sex means this That you talk about stimulating your partner, not about your daily life. During this, praise your partner’s body in a low voice, and while kissing them, also tell about your past experience, which sexual activity you like the most. Keep in mind that during this talk at least and briefly, so that the partner’s mind does not go towards other things. Do not ignore the partner’s wish: This is the last point, when you feel that your partner is completely excited If so, ask about the last stage of sex in his mind, have sex only when he agrees. In this way, keeping some points in mind, you can enjoy a pleasant sex life. Problems at home: Never tell your problem at the time of sex or love, at that time only focus on your love, and understand this. Try not to do what your partner doesn’t like during sex or love. I hope you will be satisfied with the above suggestions and enjoy your love to the fullest.

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