I married my Daughter

Hello. Welcome to the world of incest sex. As I explained to you all about my marriage with aunty, she given me a boy child. When my son has 3 months old his sister Harsha i.e. aunty’s daughter came to stay with us after her failure in class X.

My daughter Harsha is a cute and charming girl in her seventeen’s with heavy boobs and back. This will attract any body to her body. But I never looked her in sexy. I look and deal with her as daughter and my close friend and she is also closing to me. I explained aunty that I treat Harsha as our daughter, so wife aunty was happy.

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I start to take care of Harsha by giving some pocket money for her personal use after which we become little close. We discussed about her dressing, eating, caring, tv visions, and many other subjected etc. Finally she told me that she like her mum’s dress and she wanted to wear. I told her to use your pocket money to do so. There is no problem at all for your satisfaction. I always try to appreciate her about her beauty and body shape. She is happy with my opinion. We are having normal life for the next 2-3 months.

Harsha and her mom (my wife) are insisting me for small job. I promised Harsh to find a suitable job very soon. I thought about her to send for a job and planned her future in my mind. My relation with aunty is going very smoothly in the absence of Harsha. Harsha doesn’t know that I am second huss of her mother. We are enjoying our life in all the ways.

After two weeks time, Harsha insisted me to find a job for her. I finally decided to give a job for her as receptionist to my office. I took Harsha with me for interview in my car. I explained Harsha I will give you job with me in my office but don’t say to your mom that you are working in my office. After giving lot of instructions and explanations, she agreed with me. I told my wife aunty that Harsha got a job near my office and I will take care of her.

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My wife aunty is very much happy and she hugged Harsha with her happiness. Harsha will go to the office at 10.00 am and come back late at 8.00 pm. Both we go together and enjoy our car journey for 30 minutes. Now I start kissing Harsha in the car. Harsha wears modern dress for exposing her breasts, navel, thighs, hips, back etc.

One day, i.e. her eighteenth birthday, she wears very thin and transparent cloths to attract any man to her. On that event, loudly she told me to marry her after receiving a gold chain as gift from me in the presence of her mother. It was a surprise of all of us but my wife aunty became upset. My wife looked me in a different way. I am not expected this response from Harsha immediately. Harsha started to hug me and kissed a lot. I stopped Harsha and went off the place.

From that day, my wife aunty started to discuss with me about the future in different ways. We finalized to marry Harsha with another man and started to find out suitable alliance for her. Harsha came to know the search of a boy for her made a lot of noise in the house. Harsha and aunty started arguments for each and everything but I controlled both of them cleverly. But Harsha became adamant to marry me at any cost.

I explained to Harsha in front of aunty (my wife) that I am already married and having one son so I cannot marry you. Harsha told me that let her be second wife because she needs love from me. She has no problem to become my second wife other wise she will commit suicide. I am worried with lot of things but I managed each thing carefully.

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I talked with aunty about the matter in our bedroom section. I clarified to my wife on the future of Harsha because we cannot neglect her. Aunty called Harsha in front of me and told her that Anil is having wife and son and he cannot leave them for you. Harsha told her mom that she want me and agreed to stay as second wife. Harsha raised a question where is his wife and child. Aunty shocked with that question. I interfered them and told Harsha, I have a loving wife and a kid that I can show you on my first night with you. Harsha, I mean to say that my first will be in our bed room on my first night with you. Before that day I will not tell you who is my first wife.

My routine outing with my wife (aunty) is in the day light and my daughter (my wife’s daughter) Harsha in the night respectively. But Harsha does not know my outing with her mother (my wife). Both my wife and daughter are wearing less cloths (small shorts and tops) so I enjoyed the things all the ways. These days are very wonderful for me with them.

Next 2 to 3 days, Harsha called her mother and father alongwith me to her room and confirmed her consent to the marriage with me as my second wife. Aunty asked me about my decision. I said OK for Harsha’s better future. Aunty granted permission to her for marriage in the next week with the presence of few people only.

After six months continued treatment, now uncle is able to walk and talk little. Now he can understand the things little. However, myself and mywife aunty are doing sucking and fucking in his presence. Sometime he looks happy on our sexual section.

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Aunty arranged everything for the marriage, we got married by the blessings of my wife (aunty) and uncle. On that my one year’s old son became brother-in-law of his own father. There were few people presented in the ceremony. On the marriage occasion I purchased same sarees and nightwear for Harsha and my wife aunty. They liked the dresses. I chosen the next night as our first night and I informed aunty (my wife) to arrange our room decorative and more attractive. I also instructed aunty to wear the same nightwear which Harsha wears. Because, I wanted my both wives in the same way.

At 10 p.m. Harsha came to my room with a glass of milk. She was in her light-blue colour nightwear. She reached near to me at our bed and I took glass from Harsha and kept the glass on the side table. Harsh sat near to me with shame. Simultaneously, my wife veena (aunty, now she is my wife and mother in law) entered our room with a glass of milk. She reached near to us, in the same way took glass from my first wife and kept on the table. Harsha stood up and looked her mother, both wives are in same way dressed.

I called my first wife and told her to close the door. (I call Veena in the bedroom but outside I call her aunty). I introduced to Harsha as Veena is my first wife. Harsha nodded her head. I told Harsha to do pranam to her mother and father. Harsha’s hand touched her mother’s foot and mine, we blessed our daughter for a happy life. I touched aunty’s foot as son-in-law, she blessed me with kiss. The my wives, aunty turned wife and daughter turned wife’ hand were touched my foots for getting blessing from me. I happily embraced them in both hands. Traditionally we accept our norms.

I asked Veena to give Breast feed to her daughter Harsha in the bed. Veen sat in the bed and Harsha kept her head in Veena’s lap. I came near to them and took Veena’s breast in to Harshas mouth and asked Harsha to suck her mother’s milk after 19 years. Harsha smiled and started sucking her mothers breast. I started to remove Harsha’s night gown she wears nothing in the underneath.

This is first time I am seeing her nude beautiful body. I took one sip milk from aunty’s breast and started to suck Harsha’s firm breast after few minutes both mom and daughter started exciting. Bcoz they are enjoying the terms. 15 minutes later I asked my mother-in-law to stand up and hold my 7 inch hot shaft to direct in her daughters tender cunt. Aunty holds my shaft and kept in the opening of Harsha’s tender cunt and told me to push down the hot rod inside it. I slowly pushed in, Harsha started to shiver her entire body with pain. I asked aunty to give her milk to her daughter. Aunty put her breast into her daughter’s mouth and told her daughter that nothing to worry bcos this is the first time for you. I am slowly going side of Harsha’s tender cunt. I pushed it inside her and the beginning of Harsha happily crying.

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We played for 30 minutes and I came inside her tender cunt with sound splash of my hot milk in the walls of her vagina. Harsha was crying with pain and happy after that I instructed aunty to suck blood and hot milk from her daughters underneath. Aunty sucked each and every drop of her daughters blood and son-in-laws’s milk.

I kissed aunty a lot bcos next 30 minutes are for her to explore the climax as husband and wife. We have (myself and aunty turned wife turned mother-in-law) fucked twice in front of my newly wife Harsha (daughter turned wife). Harsha was taking her rest and watching game very happily. Harsha called her mom as Veena and appreciated for an expert for fucking and sucking, please mom teach me something more to build our life. Veena embraced her daughter (both they are nude) and told her daughter, you will get experience from tomorrow.

We have our own alternative ways to eat each and everything. Both (mom and daughter) wives were happy with our future life.

This is the turning point of our life in satisfactorily.

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