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Hai..This is a true sex story based on my own travails when I was 18 yrs old and staying with my parents at Trivandrum. Now, I am 32yrs of age and stay in Pune with my husband. To start with I am 5’2″, 34/28/32, fair and well sculpted body with enough curves at the right places. When I was young, I was very much attached to my aunt who is elder to me by 11yrs. She has a figure of 5’5″and figure /color same as me. I grew up and played in her laps and was very affectionate towards me. I used to spend much of my childhood with her till she married to a very good-looking guy who had his own business in another town 150km away (a remote place). So she used to stay in Trivandrum near to My Engineering College while her husband used to come during weekends and holidays only. While in college I used to go to her house sometimes when I had enough time.

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We are from a strict Brahmin family, where boozing, smoking let alone talking of sex was totally prohibited. Only clean family oriented serials and films were to be watched and our bodies to be totally covered with sari or churidaars at the most. I had no boyfriends because of the strict culture of Brahmanism. Now let me come to the reality. My aunt was married for about 6yrs by the time I was 17 and had no kids. One day there was some student’s problem (common in Kerala) and college was suddenly closed indefinitely at 1030am. I had a slight headache and thought of going to aunt’s house, take rest then go to my home, which is about 15km away. When I reached there I saw the house locked. I heard some sound from inside. I brushed it off as imagination. After some time again I heard some sounds (now more clearer). This aroused my suspicions. I went behind and tried the door, which was also locked. Then I took the external staircase and climbed up. The terrace door was closed but not bolted. I tiptoed in and went down cautiously. I was in for a series of mind shattering shocks, which altered my lifestyle completely forever. I reached the dining hall, which faces one of the bedrooms. The scene unfolding in front of me transfixed me to the ground endlessly. There was my lovely aunt (Radhika) sitting naked in all her glory sipping from a glass of clear liquid and smoking too. Beside her was a very smart handsome well-built guy naked and doing the same like her. They were talking in hush-hush tones.

Soon their glasses and smoking was finished and he began to play with her lovely breasts, kissing, squeezing, and circling them with his tongue and fingers. Then he kissed her lips and pushed his tongue inside her mouth for a very long time. Her eyes were closed soaking in the pleasure. Her hand meanwhile reached his fat dick, which as rigid as a tent pole and started playing with it. Both were moaning in pleasure and making weird noises. Slowly he went down on his knees and encircled her navel then went down the black mound and kissed there. Radhika just arched her body outwards and cried out (ahhhh) and clutched his head; thrust it down with a jerk. He then put his tongue out and stuck it in to her vaginal hole and began to lick it deep inside. This continued for ages I presume and my throat went dry. Without removing my eyes from the explosive scene, I stretched my hands and clutched the water bottle in lying on the dining table and took in a few gulps. My throat burnt, I didn’t care. Radhika started yelling filthy words in Malayalam (da puri mone,polayadi mone,patti kazhavari..vegum onnu varthi thada, da nakki,lick deep inside and fast etc etcc). Then she suddenly jerked her whole body, clutched his head tightly and screamed breathing heavily and panting. He was licking more vigorously like a true dog all over her black mound and in-between thrusting his tongue deep inside.

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Then she lay down properly on bed panting with her breasts heaving up and down beautifully like sea waves in the nearby seashore. He rose up after some time after licking clean her mounds and lay down beside her stroking his dick. I meanwhile took another two gulp of the bottle and slid under the table in fear of being getting caught. He rose cam to the table fixed two glasses (from the same bottle),took soda from the fridge pored in to it and went back to her. Both of them were drinking and smoking. My head began to spin a little and then I realized that I gulped down some kind of intoxicating liquid and not water. I began to tremble and shiver. My headache disappeared and my body was starting to feel very light, comfortable and eased out. Soon she finished her drinks and started playing with his body hairs which where in abundant all over. She kissed his nipples and nibbled at them. Slowly she slithered down and down towards his pennies. He meanwhile lit her another ciggi. She took his huge balls one by one in her lovely mouth and tried to swallow them as if it some kind of fruit. Then she inhaled a lot of smoke from the ciggi and put the pennies in her mouth. I could see her lips wide stretched to accommodate the banana in her mouth even though only half of it could go inside.

It must have been around 7 inches and as thick as a robust pazham(the green peeled banana one gets in kerala). There was slurping sound when she was sucking at it like children do when they get a lollypop in their hands. He was catching her hair by one hand and massaging her breasts with the other shouting all kinds of filthy words (..u bitch, kooti patti,polayadi mole,vedi ,sharikum oombi tha etc etc). This continued for some time and then he made her lie down on bed in a 69 position. He started licking her cunt and she had her mouth full with his cock. She was moaning now immensely with pleasure while sucking at his cock. He too was grunting a lot. I could see her mouth was churning out some while liquid from the corners of her wide-open lips with cock inside and she was trying to gulp in everything that was inside her mouth. He was arching his body up and down in her mouth for quiet some time before he slowed down his actions and started licking her cunt more vigorously. She started screaming and let go his cock from her mouth clutched his buttocks and dug her long nails deep inside. She subsided slowly and became calm like a sea after a storm. Both of them got up and she niggled back in to her arms and embraced each other tightly, lay down quietly for some time, took another glass of drinks, smoked and talking, cooing to each other like love birds. She called him by the name Raj.(Time was 1pm).

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The same game started all over once again with positions being interchanged once often an d his limp cock coming back to life, with all kinds of unimaginable filthy words being thrown around, she slithering like a snake all over, self massaging her own breasts when he is busy else where on her body, she slurping on his cock and balls, he licking vigorously at her breasts and cunt. Her body was turning in to a ball of fire and becoming uncontrollably wild, impatient, twitching, clawing and biting at his body. Then she suddenly pushed him down, telling enough is enough and fuck her now itself as she cannot tolerate any further. He came on top of her, passionately kissed her lips, breasts simultaneously his cock was exploring the open and inviting vaginal hole by itself without any guidance like an expert. Slowly he started pushing his buttocks down on her allowing his cock to enter her slowly. I was wondering it will be a pain for her and she wouldn’t be able to take all the cock inside her hole but I was surprised as it disappeared completely inside her after a few thrusts from him and settled neatly inside her.

She started arching her body and giving upward thrusts, while he had her breasts inside his mouth, her hands where nailed to his buttocks and thrusting it down. He was slowly doing his pushups and was step-by-step gathering speed of a train. I understood that he was driving her slowly in to frenzy and wanted to whip p a storm inside her from his multi actions like licking her body, playing with her breasts, tongue fuck her in her mouth, squeezing her buttocks and simultaneously fingering her hole around his cock which was inside her going in out like a well oiled piston. She was moaning yelling all kinds of nonsense, filthy words and he was also responding with words and grunts. Then they interchanged the position and she came sat on top of him and guided the missile in to her bunker in one clean shot. I couldn’t tolerate the scene unfolding in front of me. I was perspiring a lot.

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Her breasts where bouncing like a basketball in the court, her body was perspiring a lot, heaving and arching, sometimes playing with her own breasts while her ass was going up and down allowing wider access to his cock inside her pussy. She was coming hard on him slamming down on his cock. He too was not idle. He was thrusting his ass up I a very synchronized motion meeting her pussy half way, playing with her breasts etc. After some time they again reversed the position and acted like real dogs do (doggy position) she kneeled down and thrust her ass outwards allowing a proper view of her pussy for anyone behind. He came in behind and rammed his piston in one go inside her already lusting vagina. I could see lust written all over her body. My head was spinning and going out of control. He was ramming deep inside her at a frenetic pace and she yelling out with each thrust.

Then she disentangled herself saying she cannot wait anymore and lie down on bed. He climbed on her top and guided is cock inside her pussy once more and started banging her real hard that previously. I couldn’t believe the way he was hitting her hard and violently. She took her legs upwards for some time then entangled her legs behind his back. She was calling him to push still harder and do it to her with more speed. Her nails were deep inside his backside flesh. His hands were clutching her breasts very tightly. Suddenly she cried out shuddered tossing her heads to the sides, biting her own lips perspiring a lot, legs went up and slowly came down wide apart but with knees up. He kept on banging and then with loud grunt he increased his speed a little more and then slowed down while she was panting with her breasts heaving in slow waves like motion. …And GUESS what???…My head spinned a lot and I collapsed right at that moment on to the floor.what happened there after is the next part of my ordeal(a true story based on total truth word by word from neha, Pune

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My earlier story was terminated when I fell unconscious in drunken condition while I was watching my aunt (Radhika) wilder bitchy side with her bf Raj. Now let’s continue further from where I left. I don’t remember exactly what happened but now I could faintly hear murmur of voices beside me and the wall clock rhyming 2pm. It was that bitch’s and Raj’s voice. I tried to open my heavily laden eyelids but couldn’t. I could smell sex, booze and cigarette smoke all around.

Then I could hear the now familiar bitchy sound’s of hers and his grunting etc. They were still on a fucking spree and she was yelling to do harder and then it seems she burst and he got busted in his balls and the frenzy subsided. It was then I realized that I was myself shaking that meant I was lying on the same bed. MY body shivered at that realization and somehow I felt something pleasant inside me in between my legs. I parted my legs unknowingly. That’s when I came to my senses when I felt I was lying on the same bed naked. As if in sleep I brought my hands towards my breasts and OHH GOD.

I was really naked totally. I didn’t dare open my eyes and was wondering how all did it happen. I was shivering and afraid totally. Now there was a pin drop silence inside the room. I slowly opened my eyes and observed that they were standing in the dining hall poring the drinks and smoking, talking while intermittently turning the heads towards me. I could in part hear that my name was also uttered in between. I just closed my eyes tightly shut. I could feel that she came and sat near me and shook me up. But I didn’t respond at all. I just moaned as if in sleep. After a few moments, I could feel a face smelling of booze and cigarette near my face. Then a hand slithered on my face, lips towards the neck in a teasing way. It moved towards my breasts and encircled the nipples one by one. A sweet sensation started building up in me. One hand cupped my breasts smoothly while I felt one mouth on the other breasts encircling with tongue on my nipples. It gave me ripples all over and I really unknowingly moaned. After some time the face moved towards my navel and stopped there encircling it and kissing. The same face then went downwards and stopped. She was sniffing like a bitch in heat and planted a kiss on my virgin pussy. I shivered and legs got parted a little. Then she asked Raj to get some honey, which she quietly placed it on my pussy allover and poured some on the vaginal lips part of which just seeped inside. She then started to lick it from the periphery towards the central mound where my valley was buried.

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My legs were parted this time more by Raj. She ducked inside the pubic hairs and started licking vigorously at the spread honey. She then came to central part and inserted her tongue inside my pussy to lick the honey. OOOOh. My pussy started twitching and very sweet sweet sensations started engulfing my body. After time now it was my turn to shudder immensely and felt something oozing inside my cunt. She was now joined by Raj and now both of them were licking at my pussy very vigorously. I moaned a lot while they were licking deep inside my water hole. Soon the waves inside me settled down and I got relaxed. They left me for a while and I opened my eyes a little. I saw that now he was licking her pussy. Now I was more intent on watching their acts of pleasure forgetting that I will be caught watching. After some time suddenly he got up and I closed my eyes. He came near me, started fondling my breasts, sucking them while she was sucking at his cock. Then he went down on me and licked my pussy. She came up and sat on my face and I could now feel the smell of her pussy on my face.

She gave few light slaps on my cheeks to awaken me. I half opened my eyes as if in sleep and acted as if I was shocked. For the 1st time I saw another cunt in front of me and a well sculpted beautiful naked body of my dear aunt in front of me. She took my hand and placed it on her breasts. She placed her now smelly cunt on my lips and ordered me to lick it. Now I started squeezing her breasts and licking her pussy out of which some white color fluid was coming out. She now started moaning. Now I was aware that Raj was busy with my pussy all the time and again I felt the sweet sensation building up inside me. I just closed my eyes again to enjoy the pleasure without any inhibitions. After some time She removed my hands from her breasts and moved away. Raj also stopped his actions. I felt incomplete and really wanted to let out the steam inside me. She came down on my pussy and started all over from where Raj had left off . Now Raj came up and was starting to lick Radhika’s pussy.

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Then I heard Radhika saying to him that Neha is ready for him and Neha is starting to leak. She then requested him teasingly to remebr I am a virgin and treat me like a podhupennu(newly married lady). She requested him to treat me softly tenderly step by step so that I am not hurt. He replied that he will treat me carefully and assured her that soon I too will be whoring bitch like Radhika. He came slowly lifted my legs and started pushing his tip of the cock inside my watery sticky pussy. I was wondering that how that big one will ever be accommodated inside my virgin hole. Meanwhile Radhika again came up on my face slapped my cheeks to open my eyes and deposited her pussy on my lips. I started to lick her and catch her breasts. Meanwhile he entered inside me a little more then massaged my navels and tummy part. Slowly he gave one more push and I gave out a loud scream. I virgin pussy was breached and I felt a lot of pain. Radhika softly moaned away and said there is nothing to worry, its ok, it will be alright and everyone has to go thru this pain once to enjoy its fruits for the rest of my life. Then I felt that he removed his cock a little outside then gave another push inside. It slithered a little more inside. He repeated is acts of violence inside my pussy and then with a final push his whole missile went and logged inside my bunker tightly.

I could feel his balls smashing in to my ass cheeks with a great force. Now aunt Radhika leaked on my mouth. She too gave out a loud moan and urged me to lick properly and put my tongue inside her which I willingly did while He was stationary inside me. He didn’t move at all. Finally when I was through with her pussy and did the clean up act, which satisfied her totally she moved away, and began sucking my breasts. He then slowly and assuringly started his slow movements stroke by stroke. The pain started disappearing and pleasure was taking its place. Deep pleasurable twitches and passion started developing deep inside my senses and thighs. (One has to be born a girl to really feel this pleasure developing inside the body). He gradually increased his rhythmic actions like an expert. I pushed away my aunt by now and lunged on to him, caught his body and lifted my legs (the way I saw aunt doing it when he screwing her). He started banging a whole speeder and his balls were felt smashing in to my ass cheeks. I yelled moaned perspired, convulsed writhed in pain and pleasure, which was sweeping inside me in waves after waves engulfing me totally. I then felt my hands and legs going limp and he let out load grunt and banged me real hard for a few strokes and settled down slowly on top of me kissing my breasts and my lips (1st time a guy kissed my lips which I will never forget). Passions subsided and tilted my heads sideways with a satisfactory smile on my face and saw aunt lighting up a cigarette. He got up poured 3 glasses of drinks and handed to us. I asked and knew it was vodka and soda. I hesitatingly drank it. Aunt taught me how to drink it. Meanwhile he kissed me affectionately and left for the bathroom.

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Aunt kissed me lovingly on my cheeks. Time was 330pm. Raj cleaned himself up and told that he was already late and had to rush for a meeting with his client and aunt allowed with a wink towards me. She went and cleaned herself, took a shower, called up my house to inform my parents that I was with her since I was not feeling well. She proffered to request them to allow her to stay with her for the night, which they agreed. I got up and my whole body was paining a lot. My legs were aching. The bed was stained with blood. I took a warm shower for quiet a long period till I got relaxed, dried myself, wrapped a towel and came out to find that the bed sheet was changed. Aunt let out a skimpy nightie for me and she too was wearing a knee length see through half covered nightie. I put on mine and saw that it was also the same kind. Meanwhile Raj left promising to come when called. I saw aunt giving him a deep kiss on the lips with tongues locked for a while. He waved me good-bye and left. Aunt came near me with her drinks and cigarette and sat down. Suddenly I felt emptiness inside, got angry and started weeping.

Radhika caressed my heads and I leaned my head on her shoulders. I mustered my courage and asked her why she did it and why I was also made to go all through this. The answer I got changed my attitude totally towards her forever. She told me that my uncle couldn’t have proper sex with her. He doesn’t have sperm count and his erection too fades away within a few seconds of insertion. Actually her hymen wasn’t pierced till 5yrs after marriage. He would not go full inside and used to leak outside and withdraw the same after a 3-4 pushes. Raj was the only person she had sex properly, he broke her hymen and made her a complete lady. She was having sex with her for last one year. That’s reason she didn’t had any child and started weeping. I now pitied on her. I forgot my own travails and consoled her. She revealed that to forget that she was cheating my uncle, she took refuge behind booze. Smoking was added on later by Raj for fun. She said that she felt a great relief whenever she smoked and had vodka. Raj brings her everything (Luckily he too drinks vodka and smokes).

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Then she told that she is making some arrangements so that she can become pregnant but didn’t say how. We completed our booze and had out food silently. I commented that she looked very different and appealing when she was smoking. She just smiled and asked me whether I wanted to try once. I hesitated a little and nodded. She lighted a ciggi for me and guided me how to inhale. I coughed out settled down had another drag slowly. I took it deep inside and felt my lungs getting filled up with smoke and released the same. I hit me along with the vodka inside me. After a few drags I really felt assured and felt different and confident. Whole of that night we didn’t sleep. We prepared dinner together, had 2 pegs each, smoked, learnt some of the bad words she and Raj uses, discussed about Raj, had lesbian sex 2-3 times and finally slept together full naked. Next day we woke up called mummy and said that I will be home after having lunch at Radhika’s house. We talked little more freshened up and I Left. Thereafter we continued having our discreet escapades and sometimes whenever possible Raj used to join us and we had sex together. He was always kept busy satisfying the two hot ever-demanding bitches together (till I got married and came to Pune).

After 5-6 months Radhika surprisingly got pregnant. I asked her who the father was which she said it was uncle itself that she managed somehow. She knew I didn’t believe it and I really knew it was Raj and no one else. Later on she had a 2nd child from him (both were boys). Raj after 5years of very intense and wild relationship with us, got married to a simple sexy girl, moved to Delhi when he got transferred. Whenever he comes to Trivandrum we enjoy together even now. He is in touch regularly with both of us. In my next episode I will narrate you about my other affairs before & after marriage, relation between my hubby and aunt and his behavior etc about you will all be very much surprised to hear…so till then bye..c write to me back(only sincere broadminded decent hassle free clean sexy hot wild couples and very matured, smart, broadminded, humorous, understanding, well built & sex-experienced married / single guys in and around Pune only.)

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