Soft Love

More often, we indulge in sexual fantasies and try to fuck our way out whenever we can. For us girls, getting our wet cunt fucked well is something that we crave for. I went through a similar sexual experience some time back. I will share this amazing sex story with all of you.

Well, to start with I’m Tanu 5’7″, 34-26-30, fair, long hair. I met this boy Aditya 6’2 athletic, very good looking 10 months back and we are in love. We share a good relationship, and both of us complement each other well 3 months back we both had gone for a friend’s wedding. He wore a white shirt with blue denims and leather shoes. I wore a red colored sari, with a backless blouse. We both were looking hot.

After the dinner we bid good wishes to the married couple and planned to leave. It was a cool evening sky was clear and the stars were easily visible cool breeze was blowing. I could feel it brushing against my waist; we planned to walk through the garden to reach the parking. We were casually talking about the wedding suddenly he put his hand around my waist lightly my heartbeat skipped.

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The gentle touch of his hand was so warm n nice I just held my breath he made me turn to him and brushed ma hair off ma face nicely tucking them behind ma ear. I was nervously looking down maybe he could feel me tremble he moved his face closer to mine tilted his head a little lightly touched my lips with his, he then looked at me to make sure that even I wanted it I closed my eyes and raised my face signaling him to kiss me.

He then hugged me and kissed me tightly, he sucked my lips we rolled our tongues, he was moving his hand on my back and I was loving it, now we both wanted each other badly so we planned to stay back in the hotel. He ordered for some vodka and we both got high. He pushed me against the wall and kissed me sensuously; he then moved my hair from ma neck and removed ma earrings one by one.

I could feel his breath on my neck, he moved his fingers on my collar bone softly he kissed my neck. I took his hand and placed it on my breast he pressed it and I hugged him harder he put his hand on ma waist and got rid of ma sari and then the blouse. I was in ma bra and panty now, he touched ma vagina without removing the panty and now he knew I was already wet then he looked at me and we kisses wildly. We fell on the bed kissing.

I put my hand in his shirt I could feel his tight muscles I removed his shirt and then quickly I opened his belt and jeans he was in his boxers. I saw his four-pack abs, he was looking so strong I wanted to get fucked by him, he removed my bra and panty and moved his hand all over my body he then lied down beside me and rolled me, he started licking my back down till ma waist.

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I clutched the bed sheets, he then turned me up and sucked my boobs, he was pressing them licking them and biting ma nipples then he moved down and started licking ma thighs, he was moving up towards my vagina, now he placed his mouth on my waxed vagina and sucked it.

I moaned my breath was trembling, he rolled his tongue on my clit I was going numb; he put his tongue deep inside me as if he wanted to lick me dry. I came too soon he licked it all and then he put his finger inside me one by one and then he was moving two of his fingers inside me and licking my clit as well.

I was feeling so good I was shouting and moaning but he dint leave me and after I had come thrice he let me relax. I moved down and pulled off his boxers now I could see his hot 9” rod all erect and hard and bloated I kissed it he just laid there watching me. I licked his inner thighs up to his penis I took his dick in my hand and wrapped my warm tongue around it now I took it in my mouth it was too big it almost choked me

I started stroking it with my mouth I licked it sucked it he was grabbing ma hair. I pressed my tongue on the tip of his penis and started stroking his penis harder finally he came in my mouth.

I swallowed it all he then pushed my legs apart and placed his dick on my vagina he hit my vagina with his dick I asked him to fuck me he then put his dick inside me and I shrieked with pain he stopped leaned forward smooched me, licked my lips bit my lips gently and slowly pushed his dick inside me it was painful but I did not want him to stop after sometime all the pain was gone and I was enjoying him. I was shouting for more he increased his speed and I wanted him more and more.

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I was asking him to fuck me harder and harder moaning and shouting for more and finally I got that heavenly feeling and we came together. We just laid down in that position our bodies sticking together tightly.

I could feel him deep inside me, we breathing heavily our breaths clashing with each other sweating his sweat trickling down on me our eyes closed lost in the moment and suddenly we both open our eyes at the same time staring right into each other and I saw love instead of lust believe me, that is the moment you feel as if you both are just two bodies with one soul and you don’t want it to end ever. We had sex about 4 times the same night and in the morning I felt happy like never before.